1. A

    Water level for closing my Coleman rectangular steel-frame pool

    Hi all! I will be winterizing my above-ground Coleman rectangular steel-frame pool (22 x 12 feet) for the first time this winter (normally I would take it down and set it back up but it's a lot of hassle and a lot of $$ getting it refilled every year). My biggest hmm-haw is what should I bring...
  2. C

    Am I making a right choice for SWG??? Need advice

    1. "Hayward - W3AQ-TROL-RJ - Complete Salt System for Above Ground Pools Return Jet Mounting" - is it a good choice for my 7K ATG Intex pool? Was looking into INTEX 15000 gallons SWG but really leaning to Hayward. 2. Also, I believe my pump + this Hayward SWG will be good for 15Amp breaker for...
  3. A

    Cloudy water, low outlet pressure

    I recently upgraded to an Intex Krystal Clear 1200 gph Sand Filter pump combo on my round intex 15' x 48" pool and I have already had to drain once because of cloudy water and very small particles that would fall to bottom of pool. When I would try and vacuum, the particles were too small to...
  4. T

    Surface skimmer not compatible with pool. Need hack

    We have a summer waves 15x36 foot quick set pool. This year we upgraded to a sand filter. The skimmer is a joke in this pool. It's on piece and has a grate on it, so you can't unscrew the grate. We bought a surface skimmer to help with all the stuff on top. But realized when we went to...
  5. RS.business

    Introduction and new owner - Pool and Hot Tub

    Hi everyone, I am hoping there is enough info in the signature to give a background on the recent installation. :) Located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2019, my wife and I decided to redo our backyard. All four kids are between ages 2-11, so we figure it was time we installed...
  6. C

    What are these??

    I am about to redo all of my above ground plumbing but I cannot figure out what these two lines go to. They both are only connected to themselves and one has no valve on it while the one in the second picture has a valve where they connect. Please help.