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    ecoFINISH aquaBRIGHT longterm review

    I have had it for 2 years now, and I still get a small amount of the flakes. Nothing bad is happening, and it is still working great, and I love the water stability. - - - Updated - - - What about trying something like this? This will slice off the plastic, and should stay cool. I'd guess...
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    Lost CYA

    OK, I knew I'd get a good answer here. Thank you Marty! Amazing how much less chlorine I need now that it is back to where it belongs.
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    Lost CYA

    I had to turn up my SCG all the way up, and should not have to. My TFP SWG pool was at 70 CYA last year, and has, in fact, been 100% trouble free and crystal clear. So I checked my CYA level for giggles, but I was under the assumption you can’t lose CYA unless you lose water, which I have...
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    AquaBright Ecofinish--Alternative to Acid Washing

    Pool is open warm and good. Pool continues to be very stable. I used about a gallon and a half MA over the winter. A total of about t gal a year. I check my my levels, empty the skimmer, empty the robot, and check my levels once a week. Maybe I adjust the SWG up or down 5% as it cooled off or...
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    Refurb 2005 pool outside of Dallas, plaster, tile, New LEDs, new sheers.

    I’ve used less than 4 gal MA in over a year post aquabright.
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    SWG: How do CCs turn back into salt?

    I'm struggling with basic chemistry, and/or basic understanding. Here is what I *think* I know: So, I have an SWG. H2O and NaCl. With the SWG, I get out chlorine, a base and an acid. Somehow that chlorine gas turns back to salt; but what about CCs "burning off" due to the sun? Is that...
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    New pool, SWG?

    I was wondering who and how this question would be answered. Nice Jim! it is surprising how badly I wanted to kee FC too low until I became TFD'ed (can that be a verb?) ;-).
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    High CYA- possible algae

    1) TFP recommends liquid chlorine, or SWGs, NOT granular. Dry comes with other stuff you probably don't want, like calcium, or CYA.
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    SWG Recommendation

    Also, what is your: CYA FC pH CH TA CC ? do you have an FAS-DPD kit like the TF-100 or Taylor 2006?
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    What is this white stuff?

    Do you have a DE filter? Could be that. Put it some in a small cup and drip some Muratic Acid on it. If it bubbles it could be calcium deposits.
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    Silly question on robotic cleaners

    Since they usually have a pretty long cable (I think mine is 60'), you can put the power supply well away from your pool.i installed mine by burrowing under my deck with 1.5" conduit. This comes out at, basically, the center most location of my pool. Then I only need about 20' in the pool...
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    Moving from suction vac to robot experiences

    I do not use the fine filters. I find that the robot stirs up ultra-fine sediment into the water enough that my DE polishes off anything super fine, and then the robot has a little more suction power. In fact, if there were a coarser filter, I'd probably use that.
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    Please help with green pool. Newbie. Tried all guides

    Thanks for fixing my post Jason! Exactly.
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    Please help with green pool. Newbie. Tried all guides

    While you are trying to get a DPD kit, why not add bleach to at least slow down or reverse the algae growth?