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    K1 re-solder and SWG replacement

    I just wanted to say thanks to folks on the forum who've contributed info about the Hayward K1 bad solder joint issue. TLDR: I'm a new pool owner learning about a lot of deferred maintenance from the former owner. Old T-15 SWG didn't appear to be working, so I ordered a new one. Old T-15...
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    Should I raise salt level before replacing non-working SWG?

    Thanks, I figured as much re: the test strips. Now that I look back at TF test kits site, I could have bought the Taylor K-1776 in addition when I ordered my TF-100. I'll have to pick that up. The Hayward controller shows "low salt" and "high amps" and seems to indicate that the SWG is not...
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    Should I raise salt level before replacing non-working SWG?

    I need to replace a non-working Hayward T-15 SWG on our pool, which is new to us (bought the house ~6 months ago). I'm working through my list of things that need to be done, and this is high on the list as we get closer to be able to use the pool. Just got my TF test kit the other day and salt...
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    Bought a house with a pool and learning all about it

    Hi all, my wife and I bought a house with a pool last October – our first pool (although years ago we had a Sundance spa I maintained myself at a former home.). I've been learning all about how this new-to-us pool is configured, how the controller and valves work, etc. We currently have a pool...