Bought a house with a pool and learning all about it


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Mar 29, 2022
San Rafael, CA
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Hi all, my wife and I bought a house with a pool last October – our first pool (although years ago we had a Sundance spa I maintained myself at a former home.).

I've been learning all about how this new-to-us pool is configured, how the controller and valves work, etc.
We currently have a pool maintenance company who services the pool weekly, but I may end up taking over once I get my head around it.

When we bought the house, I didn't realize I'd also picked up a new hobby. Some of my progress so far:
  • replaced an old noisy booster pump myself (and may eventually replace the filter pump as I think it's pretty old/noisy)
  • managed to get the solar heating started up and the pool is gradually warming up with some recent sunny days
  • troubleshot the electrical configuration of the lights and got them working, as they did not work when we bought the house
  • had our pool company replace the old incandescent pool lights with new Pentair color LED lights (although I don't have the fancy controller yet)
Next on my list is a new SWG and patching cracking in the skimmer throat & body.
We'll probably do a full pool remodel at some point in the future to address the cracked skimmer and cracked coping.

Thanks in advance for all the info and helpful content here!


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Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas, NV
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Welcome to TFP! Looks like you’ve already got a good handle on maintenance items. I see that you have a
TF-100 on order and coming in. That’s a great step. Post up photos of the pool and equipment pad, we love photos.
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