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    How much Muriatic Acid do you keep on hand?

    Bout the same for me in L.A. I dose maybe a couple cups 1-2x per week at most. Two gallons lasts a few weeks.
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    Hi I just joined TFP to get some advice. I like to try and fix my own stuff before I call service.

    Same problem here on my Jandy system. Gonna raise my water level a tad and see if it helps. Works fine and get good pressure/no air bubbles in spa mode but pool mode is really weak flow. Plus get a lot of air bubbles out of my return nozzles. Thanks for the tips and the post.
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    Brown spots on Pebble Tec

    I have this exact problem as well, 3 years in using TFP the whole time, brown stains on pebble. I need to try the vitamin c thing. Mine looks like rust almost. I’m guessing I wasn’t keeping my ph low enough. I’d let it rise up to high 7s and 8 before knocking it down. Trying to stay closer to...
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    First for me...Dead mouse!

    i had a BAT in mine a few days ago....weird, but kinda cool. don't worry about it. hahhahaah!
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    Digging This Week - How Deep Should Sunshelf Be & Where to Find Best Loungers?

    Re: Digging This Week - How Deep Should Sunshelf Be & Where to Find Best Loungers? Mine is 9". Covers you 3/4 deep when laying on it directly. Good for little kids that come over since they can walk around on it easily and sit in a nice pool of water. Nice to sit on the edge of it and dangle...
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    Jandy Cartridge Filter Leaking At Base

    There is no O ring, it's a plastic screw on cap, I ended up looking for and finding a non hardening Teflon sealant I brushed on. Last nght it didn't stop the leak once it pressurized....I still had a slow drip. Didnt drip when punp wasnt on. This afternoon it stopped leaking though. Maybe it...
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    Jandy Cartridge Filter Leaking At Base

    im going to bump this thread as i have the same problem. i just cleaned out my whole cartridge assembly, reassembled it - turned the pump on with the air valve opened and the canister was solid, but i have a SLOW leak on the drain. could i have overtightened it? i really didn't go crazy on it...
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    Gunite pool

    that price is crazy especially if its holding water. pictures?
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    Trouble getting the right balance

    i have the same chlorinator and notice that at 80-83 degrees, i need to run my chlorinator a lot more (same one as yours) or supplement with liquid chlorine. CA weather has been a real roller coaster so now im down to 70-75 degrees and SWG is making WAY more than i needed at 80-83. this is, of...
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    odd Bubbles in Spa and Pool

    the only time i've seen that in my spa is when my wife bought splashless bleach by accident. defnitely need more info.
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    Pebble Sheen and LED Lights

    i chose to get 2 smaller led fixtures as opposed to one big one. i kind of wish i'd gotten 3 small ones for the pool, or 1 big and 1 small. its pretty bright and looks cool, but its nowhere near as bright as a regular incandescent bulb. the brightest color is light blue because that is an...
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    A Few New Questions!!

    you have an attached spa? one of my valves i manually throw adjusts water flow either from the main drain to the spa (more overflow water into pool) or into the pool.
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    Test Results look ok but water is cloudy

    why would CH be high in a new pool? is the water you added high?
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    FAS-DPD Chlorine Test at high levels

    you could always use distilled or bottled water. you'd be saving drops, but not really on the powder, but of course, youre BLOWING through drops at slam levels.
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    A way to check output of SWG?

    i HAVE NOT passed on OCLT in that manner. I'll give that a shot - i was using target levels. cell looks great. never get "No Flow". i'll try to make that test happen this weekend and try to pump up the CYA to at least 70. thanks guys.