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    Is it even worth considering an in-ground vinyl?

    It sounds like vinyl might be perfect for you...another fiberglass or gunite pool with a completely rigid shell is going to fail in the same way. A vinyl pool has a little flexibility where the walls can flex and even if the floor cracks the liner will keep the water in. The above fact and...
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    Looking for advice on vinyl pool--short vs long-term

    I just updated the thread with finished pics.
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    VLIG Expansion - something a bit different.

    Well I know it seems like forever since I last updated this thread, but I finally finished the project last week. Yeah there are some small details left to work out and there is of course the fact that something like this is NEVER finished (especially when you have a wife that frequents...
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    Looking for advice on vinyl pool--short vs long-term

    Sorry, I never got notified that you responded. So i'm late to this question. I had the builder handle physically expanding the pool itself, I handled everything else. He came in and demo'ed the concrete and the side of the pool we were expanding, and dug out the deep end. We worked...
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    Covers for railing sleeves in concrete?

    Is there such thing as covers for the sleeves that railings slide into in the concrete? We are not using our shallow end railing because it leaves more room in the steps. But that leaves these holes: I searched but I can't find any kind of cover for them, but then again I have no idea what...
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    Need some help deciding the depth of the deep end!

    It's already been said, but i'll try to drive it home - if you have kids, you want a DEEP end. Think about it...when you were a kid, did all your friends get excited about swimming in the 4ft deep above ground? Or the 8ft deep inground? Most families in my neighborhood had 24ft AGPs...but all...
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    CMP Powerclean Ultra low output

    I have the exact same unit and i'm running it at 50% for 10hours/day. My pool is about 19k gallons. I target 5ppm FC and it's just about stable there, gaining about 0.5ppm weekly. My CYA is at 30ppm but i'm in a very different climate than you. I know guys who have had the same cell for 8-10...
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    Use pucks to raise CYA?

    I used to do this when my pool was only 11k gallons. It took about two weeks to get to 30ppm CYA which was fine for me. But now my pool is nearly double that size and availability notwithstanding, using tabs is not really time-effective...i'd be in the middle of pool season by the time I got...
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    90 degree angle

    Liners don't even comply with 45 degree angles. You don't want 90's.