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    Manually closing auto cover

    Supposedly our motor for our auto cover is what went bad. We spent 2 grand on repairs last year and are now saying another 2 to replace the motor. We are building a poll fence is it possible to manually close and open the auto cover just for winter purposes?
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    Auto cover motor kicking on

    We just had new ropes and box installed last year. They need readjusted and are waiting for pool people to Come adjust them. Cover won’t close back as it’s not adjusted correctly. Switch is in off position but motor Keeps kicking on trying to close while it is off?
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    Fine dirt on pool bottom that clouds when vacuuming

    Do we need to somehow get all of it off the pool bottom before the slam? That’s the issue we are struggling most with is getting it vacuumed up
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    Fine dirt on pool bottom that clouds when vacuuming

    We just opened our pool for the year (we moved here last year and pool Was open already) there is a fine dirt substance on the bottom that clouds when vacuuming. We’ve had a TON of pollen here this year and my husband thinks it’s settled on the bottom. The water is crystal clear but we can’t...