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    Salt level is reading very low

    Guess what??? It is sunny and warm for the first time in weeks. My pool temp is 60 degrees and my low salt light is no longer on.
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    Salt level is reading very low

    I have a Pentair SWG but here is my current situation. My water is 57 degrees. My very low salt light is on even though my salt level is spot on at 3600. My cold water light is not on. When the hot water passes through my swg when heating my spa, the low salt light turns off. So I’m not...
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    Replacing seal between coping and deck

    I applied mine in June last year. It’s holding up great so far, but I can’t comment much on the life of it since it hasn’t been long.
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    Replacing seal between coping and deck I used this. Extremely easy and convenient. First mix the contents by squishing the bag for about 3 minutes. Cut the tip and squeeze the contents into the expansion gap until level with the coping / decking. The...
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    Pool builder question

    Another example. I had a pool/spa built in 2014. Told the builder my budget was 40k. He drew a design in front of me and said “$43k”. We agreed on 40k. I paid and it was awesome. Moved to a new construction home in 2017. My next door neighbor wanted a pool. I showed him pics of my previous...
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    Pool builder question

    I used pool studio to design my pool. I initially had 3 builders out for bids. When asked, I told them my budget was 85k. When they asked for ideas on how I wanted the pool to look, I showed them my design on the computer. They said the design would work and asked me to email them the file so I...
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    Heat pool using Alexa / IntelliCenter

    You probably all knew this already but... “Alexa, ask Pentair to turn on my spa and heat it to 102 degrees”
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    Why does the SWG not work in cold water?

    🤯 I shouldn’t have asked. Just kidding of course. Thanks so much for that info. Sheds a little light 💡.
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    Why does the SWG not work in cold water?

    I understand my swg doesn’t like the cold water and will shut down. I’m just wondering why? Anyone know? I tried searching the interweb to avoid bugging anyone here, but I could not find an answer.
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    Salt test reads fine but SWG is saying low salt?

    I just had this issue the other day. My salt reading when last week using my Taylor kit as well as the reading on my IC60 was 3600. 4 days ago I got the ol’ low salt warning. I turned my pump off (power to swc off), disconnected the swg from my IntelliCenter waited 5 min. Plugged it back in and...
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    Before you fill your empty pool...

    I’m sure it’s on the forum somewhere, but I’ve never seen it. But right before you fill your pool, you can take a photo of your water meter. Immediately after it is full, take another photo. Using both photos, you can calculate how many gallons your pool / spa are. I’ve done it to both of my...
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    Lawn Sprinklers: Rotary Nozzles

    I also have the Hunter MP’s. 22 in my front yard. I installed them a year ago after hours of researching different brands. I also have the pressure regulated bodies - PRS40. They are awesome but expensive. Maybe buy a few of the nozzles, try them out, then find the one that works best.
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    Stonescapes Tropics Blue or Midnight Blue

    It’s the Puerto Rico blend
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    Explosion near the SWG

    The electrician came out today and took 5 minutes to fix my issue. All good in the hood now.
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    Recommendations on Sprinkler Heads

    Checkout the Hunter MP Series nozzles. Also the Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler bodies to go with the nozzles. The bodies are pressure regulated. Only suckie thing is you have to buy the nozzles and bodies separately and the aren’t cheap...but, they are amazing.