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    Leak vs splash out with coverstar cover

    I have the exact same situation you have. Auto cover with tiled shorter wall to well. I’d measure the water line upon closing the pool for the night. When you open it next, check the mark. Possibly even use a yard stick, measuring depth of water at steps at closing / opening the cover...
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    What’s up with Walmart

    I had to SLAM my pool a few weeks ago, and bought gallons and gallons of bleach. Chatted with my neighbors who are FBI (actually very high up the chain FBI, I’m in the DC area) about my use of bleach and laughed about them seeing my on a watch list. No watch list for bleach, at least at the...
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    SLAMming takes a lot of Bleach & Patience!

    I’ll redo my CYA test tomorrow but it was at 30, so didn’t think it was ammonia. I finally got it to hold with stronger/fresher bleach and assumed that was the reason it took so much.
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    SLAMming takes a lot of Bleach & Patience!

    I let the pool go 2 weeks unchecked, I know I know. I finally had time to open the cover (it’s covered while not in use, which contributed to it being neglected for so long) Saturday evening and it was slightly green but mostly cloudy. I immediately went out and bought 7 gallons of the...
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    No more frog ponds.

    My pool is white plaster and it’s blue.
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    Poolside plants, pool cover and fencing

    Wow that’s a pretty pool! Have fun!
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    Bats at dusk

    We have a bat house on our house and bats actually live in it. We find them harmless, sure they swoop pretty low sometimes but we’ve never been hit by one. Fascinating to watch them fly around and come and go into their house.
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    New installation - features to keep it clean w/trees

    I’m going to weigh in on my experiences this past fall & spring. Mine pool is newly built just finished in September. We got an auto cover and a dolphin premier robot. Between those I hardly spend any time cleaning. The cover keeps all the leaves, helicopters, pollen, etc from going in the...
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    First full year after construction!

    Opened this beauty on Monday to slightly green, slightly cloudy water. Did a SLAM because of the green & the CC was 1. Water cleared up & passed overnight test in 2 days. Now I’m getting in, the water’s 85. Thank you TFP, because of this site I knew exactly what to do.
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    Getting the Frogs Out, Kids In

    I have nothing to offer except a Bravo on the deer extraction. Cant wait to see pics of it clean.
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    Pentair plug popped off, help!

    It did, eventually. It’s in a really terrible spot and I felt like it was turning forever.
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    Pentair plug popped off, help!

    It’s fixed! I got my builder on the phone and told them what happened. They admitted their guy must not have tightened it when they opened the pool. Thanks for the help!
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    Pentair plug popped off, help!

    Luckily I was home and heard the water gushing! It appears the drain plug for my filter popped off. At least I think it was that. The pool builder just opened it for me on Monday. I’ve since put the plug back on (see photo) but my questions are: How tight does it need to be? It keeps...
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    New Pool, dry skin.

    This is what I’m thinking. I’ve cleaned the cartridges once and got a lot of white plaster residue when I did it. I’ve been brushing a lot which may be contributing.
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    New Pool, dry skin.

    We have a brand new gunite filled about a month ago. I’ve been testing with my TF100 and my numbers this evening are: FC- 6 -a little high from startup still. Water temp has been 65(ish) until today. CC- 0 PH- 7.5-added acid, will test again in the morning. TA- 110 CH- 250 CYA- 30 Over last...