SLAMming takes a lot of Bleach & Patience!


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Jul 13, 2017
Alexandria, VA
I let the pool go 2 weeks unchecked, I know I know.

I finally had time to open the cover (it’s covered while not in use, which contributed to it being neglected for so long) Saturday evening and it was slightly green but mostly cloudy. I immediately went out and bought 7 gallons of the freshest stuff I could find. Pool took all 7 gallons and barely registered any FC and CC was 2.5.

That was the best I could do then, closed it up and said good night.

Sunday morning I went out at 7am and bought 5 gallons of 6% from grocery with a late March made date, pool ate it immediately! After 40 mins, test barely turned pink. Back out to the stores I went.

I bought all 6 gallons of 8.25% that my Home Depot had and 7 gallons of 10% from Lowe’s.

Finally was able to get to 12 FC and Maintained it all day Sunday. Pool cleared up a good bit and was looking good by Sunday evening. I was testing and adding about every hour all day Sunday.

I’m still slamming, we’re not out of the woods yet. I have been following TFP protocol since we built the pool 2 years ago. I knew how to SLAM, thank you TFP! I didn’t realize how quickly algae will consume the FC and how much bleach it would actually take to get to SLAM level and stay there.

Pool Math said 3 gallons would get me to SLAM, which is why I didn’t buy more than 7 gallons Saturday evening. I assumed it could get to SLAM level and add additional before bed to get through the overnight.

I guess I’d like to pass on to newbies to the TFP method that it takes a lot of bleach to clear a pool, even a mostly cloudy and not entirely green one! Better to not let it go 2 weeks unchecked, regardless of the weather or after work commitments. It’s easier to spend 5 mins testing and dosing than SLAMming!

Lesson learned!


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May 3, 2014
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What you describe is ammonia. When FC is consumed immediately, there is ammonia in the water. It is a by product of a bacteria that consumes CYA. We have a process to eliminate it prior to adding any CYA.


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Jul 13, 2017
Alexandria, VA
I’ll redo my CYA test tomorrow but it was at 30, so didn’t think it was ammonia. I finally got it to hold with stronger/fresher bleach and assumed that was the reason it took so much.
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