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    No chlorine again, clear water but think I have some sort of algae...

    As you know every pool is different but I can give you my recent experience. I had active algae and cloudy water and started SLAMing June 30th. I was adding about 20 ppm of chlorine to get to the SLAM target of 24 based on my CYA of 60. The pool cleared and was crystal clear after about 2 days...
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    New to pool maintenance

    Thanks for the assistance. I will increase the number of chlorine additions during the day and keep at.
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    New to pool maintenance

    Hi All, Starting with a little history, I am in the 3rd full season with a new 12k gallon inground vinyl pool. Followed the pool store recommendations for the first 2 seasons using triclor in the chlorinator and last season was a constant battle with algae. The pool store was no help other...