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    AquaRite salt cell connector cleaning

    The connector on my AquaRite T15 salt cell to the AquaRite controller has connection issues, looks like some corrosion inside the connector. What's the best way to clean inside to make sure it makes contact? As long as I press the connector in and get it making contact the SWG system works...
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    Timer connected to Intellicenter

    Moved from here. Is there a way to hook up a normal spa timer (Intermatic) that just closes contacts while the timer is operating and opens the contact when the time expires to the IntelliCenter, perhaps using the iS4 interface? The iS4 is momentary so I suspect this would not work. Are there...
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    Replace Aquarite controller

    Moved from here. If you have an existing AquaRite system with T15 cell, is it possible to just replace the control unit and leave the existing salt cell in place (it is new)?
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    controlling hayward aquarite with intellitouch

    Any updates on AquaRite with IntelliTouch (or IntelliCenter)? I installed an IntellICenter and haven't configured the old AquaRite yet.
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    Pentair IntelliCenter Review and Information

    I've been installing my IntelliCenter i5PS to replace my previous Intermatic control system. One thing that I've stumbled on figuring out (which will probably be obvious in hindsight) is how to connect my primary heat pump heater (AquaCal SQ-155). I have my secondary propane heater hooked up...
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    Question about AL-0, AL-1, AL-3 etc Aqua Rite

    The screen attached to my blue PN G1-0661012E-1 (RevB / 1.58) PCB board flickered once when we turned it on the SWG. Ever since, it has been stuck on "AL-5" (it also reset the cell to T-5, but that I could change). I've been unable to change AL-5 to anything else using the diagnostic setting and...
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    Main drain - temporary plug?

    Thanks Mark...that's my conclusion.
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    Main drain - temporary plug?

    Thanks @mas985. My fiberglass pool has no well, it just has a 1.5" threaded main drain line coming out of the bottom on the deep end. The only VGB cover I can find with a 1.5" threaded fitting is the Waterway 640-8240 V. Remnants of the cover that was used were in the bottom of the drain, and...
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    Main drain - temporary plug?

    We bought a house two years ago with a 16k gallon pool. There was a SP1082GV main drain balancing butterfly valve since the main drain and skimmer are in series, but it was pretty old and broken and not screwed in place. The main drain port underneath had a plug inserted (pushed) in and I have...
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    Pool Pump Wiring

    While he has THWN going through conduit to a subpanel to the enclosed pool structure, is in the inside of that structure considered a wet environment? I believe it then becomes an accessory structure per NEC, correct? In that case, can Romex (NM) wiring be used from that subpanel to various...
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    Pool House Electrical

    @ajw22 I used, which is a free online based diagramming tool. It works really well for this.
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    Pool House Electrical

    Based on everyone's great feedback, I have revised the drawing to: * GFCI protect entire lighting circuit, on entry into the pool house before splitting out into 3 different light circuits * GFCI protect all equipment circuits with GFCI breakers * 15A breakers for the 120V circuits that come...
  13. Electrical Service-Pool House V7.jpg

    Electrical Service-Pool House V7.jpg

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    Pool House Electrical

    @ajw22 thanks for looking in detail! The 240v L2 from pump doesn't power the SWG, the L2 leg of the 240v circuit goes to a relay which energizes the normal 120v circuit for the SWG. So, as long as power exists on the 240v then the 120v circuit that powers the SWG is active. If that 240v circuit...
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    Pool House Electrical

    Thanks @jimmythegreek. Yes, pump 20A double breaker is GFCI. One of the 20A circuits has a GFCI outlet, but the second circuit only has one hardwired control device (no outlets), is it required to be GFCI protected?