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    Spa PSI higher than pool

    Hi everyone, When I set my valves to circulate the spa it's about 10 psi higher than if I run the pool plus spa (pool and spa returns on, main drain and skimmer on, spa drain off). Also the pump has a noticeable amount of air inside vs none when running the pool plus spa. Is this normal or do...
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    Pool Heater not Heating

    Thanks for the recommendation, sorry it took awhile to get back to you. The AC company I bought my new units from a couple years back took a look and a capacitor was bad. They fixed it up and it's good to go again. Thanks! Edit: typed compressor instead of capacitor
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    Pool Heater not Heating

    I don't see any error codes. The panel just displays the temperature settings. It sounds like the compressor is still kicking on. Ambient temp was around 70 today but warmer the other times I tried to use it recently. I just replaced my pool filter, pressure is around 17 for pool 22 for spa...
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    Pool Heater not Heating

    Hi everyone. About a month ago my pool heater stopped heating the pool. It still runs but even leaving it on for hours won't heat the spa. Are there any troubleshooting steps you recommend to narrow down the issue?
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