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    And if you know of a defect and don't disclose it, you may face legal action. Do the right thing, don't just band-aid it and dump it. Fix it right or disclose the issue.
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    Spa spillway advice

    If you can fashion a drip edge under the tile overhang it should fix the problem. Right now water adhesion is causing it to flow back and over the stone. this is similar to what is needed with shingle overhang on a roof to keep water from flowing back against the fascia board. Note: I know...
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    Pentair Screenlogic and Mac Catalina

    Sent an email to their tech support and got back a response that basically indicates they don't care I can use my phone. PLEASE take time to email or call them and ask them to get this updated, only if enough people complain will it get fixed.
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    Solar Pool heater...

    Why do you think you will only use a pool heater for a week or two? We live in Florida where it's warmer than you are and we use a pool heater a whole bunch more than that!
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    Adding a gas heater to a heat pump setup

    I'm not sure what you mean best of both worlds. If it's under 65 and heat pump not working efficiently you probably won't be in pool anyway it will be too cold! We have gas and heat pump in our pool in Florida but mostly to rapidly heat spa if we need and honestly it wasn't worth it. It costs a...
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    Pentair Screenlogic and Mac Catalina

    So yah, still cannot run Screenlogic on a Mac. Amazing a multimillion dollar company can't afford to have one guy get this ported over. It's not like he is even writing a Mac specific app. Pathetic.
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    Temporary pool fence or "My Daughter's Labrador is insane"

    Oh we let him swim. But last time he was there he would jump in after his toys, bring them back and then jump back in again for hours and just swim around. His paws were bleeding and raw. He just wouldn’t stop. We were hoping we could have him back there and on the Lanai with us for dinner...
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    Temporary pool fence or "My Daughter's Labrador is insane"

    He’s actually well behaved, if there is a fence he won’t get past it. He is invisible fence trained and learns boundaries quickly. A leash is not an option for when we want to be hanging out and just letting the dog be free - he has to live and have a space to exist.
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    Passive solar heating system - real-life experience?

    Doesn't matter how the heat gets into the pool (gas, solar, electric), it will cool down overnight. We heat ours up to 86 during the day and by next morning it's back down at least 6-8 degrees, more if it's cold. It depends on how cold your nights are but we have a heat pump and it will raise...
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    Temporary pool fence or "My Daughter's Labrador is insane"

    We chose not to get the drilled in pool fence when we installed our IG pool d/t not wanting to see the little plugs on our expensive travertine. Then our daughter came to visit with her Labrador retriever. The dog literally would not come out of the pool. Swam for HOURS and ended up with...
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    ScreenLogic Scheduling

    Isn't this what egg timer is for? Maybe I'm wrong.
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    Aeration/pH Drama

    One of my projects (of many) on my list is to automate my water features to help with this same problem. Right now we are plumbed / valved to have water descent (in our case a spa overflow) running always when pool is running. We get about 0.5 gal muriatic acid use per week (new pool + above)...
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    Faint smell of gas near equipment

    Natural gas has a definite smell. You had the valve turned on obviously when they came to check it? Did they use a sniffer? If they did, then it should be safe as they can detect very low levels. That begs the question of what you were smelling originally. At this point I guess it's safe...
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    Best way to clean rocks from pool from neighbors pool build that rained gunite shrapnel in my backyard

    Small claims court I think is up to $6000 or so. You could get an estimate for someone to clean it up and then take it to small claims on your own. No doubt they are liable. no way I'd be cleaning up their mess and if something happens to your pool equipment and you haven't documented the...
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    That pool task you forget to do-

    Oh my gosh that was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen and then the comments are awesome too. Literally tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard. I needed that, thanks for posting!