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    Spa therapy jet height

    We requested and got jets at varying heights. After the PB site supervisor originally said it couldn't be done. He was a lying idiot on that and many other issues.
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    Perimeter Overflow Spa vs Infinity Edge Spa - Houston, TX

    That's our method 😁
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    Hi! About to Build First Pool

    Welcome!! I started here a 2 1/2 years ago when we were just thinking about building a pool. We've been swimming for almost a year and a half and the advice we got here has been invaluable. Once you are in the design/quote stage, start a thread in the "under construction" forum, and you'll get...
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    The Mess Is Now Plastered!

    I am reminded of the guidance for classroom expectations. 4 C's: Clear, Concise, Consistently enforced, with Consequences. Apparently pool builders need similarly framed expectations. 😁
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    It’s worth it, right?

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    First pool Tampa area

    My Tampa PB was all Hayward. PM me if you want to see if we're talking about the same people.
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    Houston pool build - all filled up, time to swim!

    Beautiful! Congratulations!!!!
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    Houston pool build - all filled up, time to swim!

    I wanted a deeper blue... I wish we had gone with ocean blue instead of blue granite.
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    Houston pool build - all filled up, time to swim!

    I've seen a couple of posts now about pool builders who also do pool service in Texas. I'm starting to wonder if they discourage saltwater pools because it eats into the maintenance business. We have saltwater pools all over Florida. Nobody quoted us a pool that wasn't saltwater. The anti-salt...
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    New Owner, In the dark...

    You can do this! You should add chlorine. Plain bleach (no additives, NOT low splash, no cloramax, etc.) or pool chlorine from home depot or Walmart. I highly recommend the pool math app that's available on this site. You can track your tests and use the "effects of adding" feature to determine...
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    Rain or bad SWG?

    If that is really the case (I agree that you should confirm with the manufacturer) you can permanently adjust chlorine production by reducing pump run time.
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    Cost to build a pool in North Texas?

    I've heard that Texas builders don't like salt for some reason. I think you'll find that the vast majority of experts on this site highly recommend saltwater chlorine generators. We love ours. It has made managing our pool super simple. It's your money your pool, but I recommend that you do a...
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    My 120v Hot Tub started burning/melting the power cord last night.

    Hubby is an electrical engineer, and we are experienced DIYers.. but we call the professionals when we need to. Please call a licensed electrician. Your family's safety is at stake.
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    Under construction in Tampabay Florida

    Nearly? I'd say more than double... I think we have all been through the pool quote sticker shock "phases of grief."