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    Need a new robotic pool cleaner

    Afternoon, Any suggestions on a new pool cleaner?....hoping to find a solid cleaner (end of season deal). I started researching a bit and got overwhelmed. Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance. Ravi
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    New Build - Central NJ (8/9 START)

    Nice looking pool. I live in Jackson as well. I got the hang of testing my own pool after the second season. I added the SWG after the fact....if you need any help with testing reach out
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    Replacing pool pump

    I went with the Hayward single speed 1.5....after four days of slamming and scrubbing. I went from this to... thanks for the help all
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    Replacing pool pump

    I would love to have a second opinion before making my decision. Thanks.
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    Replacing pool pump

    I really don’t know what I need....6 season pool owner. Learned a lot. Just trying to follow the installer recommended equipment. Now there is a fourth and fifth option: 4. Replace with a 1hp motor? 5. Replace motor with an a/o smith or comparable motor and use same strainer basket?
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    Replacing pool pump

    So I opened my pool on Friday and it looks like this (considering replacing my mesh to solid cover) Also my pool motor was humming and i tried to get the shaft spinning....found this: Tough winter in NJ. Needless to say my attempts to get the motor started was halted after I broke off a...
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    From browser to forum member

    I'm a city boy who could barely swim...bought a house with a beautiful pool in the suburbs. I would like to spend a little less and enjoy the pool a bit more while keeping my babies safe. Google led me here over the past 3 years to answer questions but mostly ended up following the pool store's...