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    Is this normal? New Construction - Vermiculite base

    Unfortunately that’s the nature of the beast. If you shine a flashlight down most walls in people houses they will show off many imperfections also. Hopefully they will revisit your liner and improve it a great deal.
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    Ready for floating season!!

    Welcome BF. If you know nothing about pool care (cleaning up the current pool) , then you are 5 steps ahead of most people who come here with previous bad habits. It takes the experts more time to convince the people to give up the bad habits/advice than it does to help fix the actual...
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    Is this normal? New Construction - Vermiculite base

    I actually had to sign a disclaimer with my PB that they would take every care possible but wrinkles/divots were impossible to garauntee against. That disclaimer kept me up at night from that moment until the pool was filled. Mine did end up with a couple of minor flaws but overall I...
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    Construction started 2/3/20

    Those kids are doin a real fine job supervising. It’s coming along great thanks to them.
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    What would you do different?

    I *thought* i knew what i might do differently...... and then leebo posted the meet @bdavis466 thing.
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    Upgrading from an Intex to AGP - need insight!

    Also, because it will still be going strong in a few years, it will be a selling point if you do decide to sell. For a little extra money, The more attractive pool will not only be attractive while you enjoy it, but also might woo the potential buyer a little more.
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    A Request from TFP, and a few updates

    Eveidentally i forgot that 'search' is a thing too. Apologies for my long week and brain flatulence.
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    A Request from TFP, and a few updates

    Can you post how to link amazon smile also ? I did it last time it was mentioned but now i forget.
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    Solar cover

    You buy an oversized rectangle and cut it to fit. They are relatively cheap at a couple hundred bucks. You might even find the size you need on sale somewhere for $178. Intheswim always has them cheap. Buy the thin one. They all rip and the lighter cover is much easier to move for as long...
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    O/B in Peoria AZ

    If it makes you feel any better, My wife wanted a above ground pool and I didn’t want any pool. So we compromised with a 20x40 inground pool.
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    Official 2020 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Lol. Even worse, We have waaaaaay too much going on at the moment so I was told to skip Valentines altogether. So I was in trouble either way. Darned if I did and darned if I didn’t. Whatttayagonnado?
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    Why do PB's not like SWCG?

    Maybe cuz everything is bigger in Texas and they are upset they can’t go 20X on most pools ?
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    Admins please advise # 2

    Keep em comin folks. Y’all helping to cheer me up.
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    Sold The Boat.....

    it can be very similar as well. A hole in the water that you throw money into, or a hole filled with water that you throw money into.
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    Official 2020 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    The joke to that fact was it would be spent entirely by dudes on their way home from work at 5pm today.