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    FC and CYA and PH

    My pool is at 60 CYA. I see that my target FC is 4-9ppm. My question is when testing PH what would be my maximum FC in order to still get an accurate PH reading? I have read it to be a max FC of 10 for an accurate reading but is this dependent upon CYA level? Thanks!
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    Opening: is it mandatory to SLAM pool?

    Hi, I opened my pool and the water was clear and still had 10ppm of FC in it. When I closed several months ago, I brought chlorine up to 24ppm (SLAM level). Given it still has a good amount of FC when opening, is it necessary to SLAM pool at this point? Thanks!
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    must I SLAM if pool cloudy?

    Ok I will do the entire process. I have an autocover. Should I keep autocover open during the day throughout the SLAM process? Even though the UV index is quite high and may eat more chlorine....
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    must I SLAM if pool cloudy?

    Hi, my pool water is cloudy. Do I have to bring FC ppm up to full SLAM level or can I stop if the water clears up at say 15ppm FC? SWG FC 15ppm (was at about 5ppm when turned cloudy and just brought it up to 15ppm with liquid chlorine) CYA 60 PH 7.6 CH 250 TA 100
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    Using Autocover as Winter Cover - Lead Bar Bowed

    For those that successfully use an autocover as a winter cover and live in a climate that gets good amount of snow (like Chicago), do you notice any bowing of your lead bar from the weight of snow? This is our first winter with a pool and first time using autocover as winter cover. I have...
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    Hot tub sanitation - are there calcium hypochlorite tablets??

    Been using the liquid bleach method on our new hot tub a few weeks now. Initially, used the dichlor granules until CYA reached 30. Now, we have to add liquid bleach daily to keep it at our target of 5-6ppm, which I have to say is getting to be cumbersome. Is there a way to consistently add...
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    Are intellivalves worth the extra investment?

    Hi, we are setting up our Easytouch 4 with some valve actuators for slide, deck jets and one to turn returns off when a water feature is turned on. I purchased an Intermatic Valve Actuator and was going to buy 2 more, but the pool professional is suggesting I purchase 3 intellivalves instead...
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    Closing soon, chemistry suggestions

    A pool industry professional mentioned he uses a chlorine slow release floater throughout winter. Would this be a good idea as insurance? He also said recommends Enzyme release floater. Could this be helpful to open to clear water in spring too or just overkill?
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    Can evaporation occur with autocover closed?

    I marked water level with piece of tape at skimmer.
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    Can evaporation occur with autocover closed?

    If keep autocover closed at night, can evaporation still occur? Lost about 1/8 inch in 18 hours. 3 of the hours the cover was open. Water is kept warm 80 degrees and night temps here are in 50s.
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    Closing soon, chemistry suggestions

    Thanks. Typically, what percentage do you want to let fc fall from slam level before you officially close? I can just use regular clorox bleach from Walmart yes? I ran out of liquid pool shock.
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    Closing soon, chemistry suggestions

    Closing pool in two weeks. What is an ideal level to get my fc at for closing? I finished SLAM a week ago, so that's why my fc is high right now. FC 9.5 pH 7.4 TA 110 CH 450 CYA 50 I have an autocover and SWG, so was going to try to keep my CYA at 50 or 60.
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    Water behind liner

    Do you mean as long as I do not add fill water? My kids were in pool splashing a lot yesterday. However the liner is tightly locked in that particular spot. On other end of pool, liner is pulled from wall in corner and I could see water splashing in there but again it's so far away. Our pb is...
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    Water behind liner

    I don't expect it to be groundwater but is there a way to rule this out? If I raise level of my pool water, could the water bubble go away, and then I can conclude it is from ground water? Right now my water level is a little low I think, see pic.
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