Are intellivalves worth the extra investment?


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Jul 3, 2020
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Hi, we are setting up our Easytouch 4 with some valve actuators for slide, deck jets and one to turn returns off when a water feature is turned on. I purchased an Intermatic Valve Actuator and was going to buy 2 more, but the pool professional is suggesting I purchase 3 intellivalves instead. He is saying it is worth the extra money for the intellivalves. From what I have researched, it seems like it is easier to setup the intellivalve. However, how often do you mess with the settings on an actuator? Is it typically you spend time at setup and then after that you don't mess with it again? For those who have intellivalves, is it worth the extra money? Maybe I can buy one for deck jets to adjust flow easier but leave traditional actuators for slide and returns? Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
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I don't see any extra value by using the IntelliValve.. It might be worth it, if you had the IntelliCenter Automation, but not with the EasyTouch..

In my opinion, an actuator is an actuator..

My actuator was set up at installation and has never been adjusted since. It is about 7 years old.


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Jul 14, 2014
Only worth the money to the seller/installer (me). For the installer the setup is very easy, but, as Jim R. said, setup is one and done. Virtually never have to make another adjustment if it is done right the first time. Regular actuators are very easy to setup any way. I only bought one to try it. Pentair, Jandy, and Intermatic all have a form of them. They cost more, but why waste the money. IMHO
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