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    From Green to Clean!!!

    WOW ! :cool: now that's a turnaround!
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    2 Green Controlled Dual Speed run 24/7 for NG Heater on Intermatic Timer.

    Hi All, Recently upgraded from a 1HP Super pump to a PL2607 1.4HP Pureline Prime 2 speed with the 2Green digital controller. I have an older H series H200 milivolt heater, with headman switch on the intermatic timer that we used for the SP. I've wired the new pump to the timer, and have just...
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    Successful Opening

    After studying the weather forecast for SE Michigan the next few weeks, made the aggressive decision to open this weekend. Was really sick of looking at the cover, kills the vibe of the backyard. Taking some notes here if anyone is interested. Pulled the cover to crystal clear and pristine...
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    Poolside Plants

    Depending on climate and how much shade is there, Hostas might do well. Looks like you have a great deal of area to fill, so some variety in types, sizes and height might do well. Maybe some stepping stones for easy walking through to the pool equipment ? Boxwoods would make a nice hedge if...
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    Easiest way to fish pool light through conduit???

    I cut the old light off, taped my old electrical to the new line and pulled though with no issues. My light has a junction box relatively close. It was helpful to have person feed it and myself at the receptacle to feed it slowly to avoid any snags.
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    2019 Spring Opening

    That's a beautiful sight for sure!
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    Ugh. Winter cover is in the pool

    I've had good luck leaving a cheap submersible pump ($50 Amazon) on top of my cover. On a warmer day I will run it for a little while to get the excess water off of it and keep the level down. Well, that hasn't worked so well this year considering the snow and temps in (SE Michigan). Also...
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    2019 Spring Opening

    Looking Good !
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    Testimonial: TFPC, Even without a Pump.

    This past week has been a testimonial to TFPC! Summary: Pool went 1 week without pump and still crystal clear. Details: on Monday September 10, 2018 I came home to realize my 1HP SuperPump had not been running for the past day or so. Upon further investigation I determined that the pump was...
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    What have you found in your skimmer...

    snakes, frogs, mice, a plethora of insects... Pool toys, squirt guns.
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    Indicator that Sand Filter needs to be cleaned?

    Thanks! Cleaned the filter out after your reply on Friday. Was able to complete SLAM and taper down to a clean clear pool today.
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    Indicator that Sand Filter needs to be cleaned?

    I've been fighting slow algae growth all summer. I SLAM, pass. ( crystal clear, pass oclt, CC 0) I'm a BBB believer, typical shock method is 10% pool shock from ACE hardware. (NaOCL 10%). Bought home last May, learned of TFP quickly. I Maintain FC in range, few days later the dead algae...
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    Email Notifications

    Check your mail for spam my Gmail keeps thinking TFP is spam.
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    Landscaping update ideas?

    I've never seen shade sails before, that's a really neat idea. I'm hesitant to put down sod as I already have an acre of grass to mow. Low maintenance is the direction I'm leaning.
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    Landscaping update ideas?

    Thanks for the feedback! Good ideas for a place to begin.