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    Air bubble in the pump

    Thank for quick reply I forgot to mention that I do loose water in the pump. It takes longer to pump to work. And I have to watch to make sure water comes out, it is been like this for 2 month before I close.
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    Air bubble in the pump

    Hi, Last year, we had new pump installed May 2020 and all of sudden sometime i. JULY, there is air bubble in the pump and when the timer kicks in, it takes little longer to water to come out. When it is raining day, there is no bubble so I tried to tighten the square lid (different than round...
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    VS pump

    Thanks for reply When I had someone install the timer, he wired through pump's outlet. Do I need another outlet for vs pump?
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    VS pump

    Hi, I am confused I just have someone install SWCG system into timer and using Hayward 1 hp regular pump (SWCG system is off, process of clearing after opening, pump is running 24/7 now) My understanding is when timer kicks in, the pump starts so as the SWCG. But what happen if I switch to VS...