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    Poolios gonna be an Ice cube!

    Yeah we got a bit and I was soooooo mad!
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    So frustrated with SLAM

    Oh I so know what you mean, my husband is so convinced that tfp is crazy even though we got screwed over by the pool people. We literally got into a fight over algaecide. Stay strong, the pool aid works, if you need any proof check out my thread from last year. Almost 20 days of slamming but...
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    New year better Poolio!

    I'm just starting the threat is kind of a comparison from all the trials and tribulations we had from last year, I'm in day three of my slam and in 3 days it is changed as much as it took me to do in 4 weeks last year! I love tfp and the pool-aid tastes just as good as it did last year! My...
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    So frustrated with SLAM

    A good thing to keep in mind too is that colder temperatures slow how your chlorine works, everything slows down just a little bit. I hope you stick with it I'm sure it'll clear up!
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    Covered and unattended pool for three years. What are my first two steps?

    II don't have much to add to what these certified pool magicians say. I was in the same pickle you were last year, my pool have been closed for 5 years completely unattended when we bought our house and with a lot of work and TFT I was able to get it Crystal! Listen to them! Drink the Pool-Aid!
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    Poolios gonna be an Ice cube!

    Oh my fabulous TFPeeps, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Tried being a proactive good pool haver and opened dear poolios last weekend ...and now it's dropping to 28F(frickin) degrees tonight! Should I just leave the pool on all night to avoid freezing? I haven't started my slam yet because I'm waiting...
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    I have no need for TFP!

    Helllloooooou friends!!!! It has been a wild winter and polio and I are back!
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    Algae, followed the SLAM criteria, here's what I've done and measured (timline), still blue & cloudy

    Strap in and get your POP (pool owner patience) at the ready. This is the hardest part of the SLAM. Clean your filters or back wash as soon as you have a 25% pressure increase. If you can get a second set of filters if you use them. That way you don't lose filter time. Let them do their job...
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    First test results. Help with raising CYA

    Just wanted to throw up some pics for you guys. A little video too. So, a little background my 4th in line, Xavier, is three and has a sensory disorder and is quite terrified of water. Bath time is less than a treat, but this pool has opened up something in him and it makes me so happy and I...
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    12 days of Slam

    Good luck to you my SLAM took 16 days I think and the last their was just so frustrating because you aren't getting those big "WOW" changes like at the beginning. Strap in, load up on POP, and vacuum vacuum vacuum. Good luck doll!