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    I want to swim today-sparky pool with little green powder in bottom

    To prevent bleach "polka dots", open the liquid chlorine bottle, lower into the water and tip to pour when the spout is near the water. Easy and no splash back. Cap it, dunk it to rinse off. Done.
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    What to do after mouse?

    ^^^^Exactly! That joke about two guys camping and a bear is headed towards them. One reaches for his track shoes. The other says "that’s crazy, you can’t outrun a bear". The guy replies "I know…I just have to outrun you!". One of my favs…🐻
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    What to do after mouse?

    +1 on the Frog Log. Beats seeing me on my security cam running around the pool like a lunatic trying to net the stinkers. 🤣 Oh, and no carcasses in the skimmers anymore!
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    Chlorine smell

    Testing and caring for your pool not only becomes fun, but you will spend so much less money on chemicals too. Almost everything we use can be found in big box stores, supermarkets or online. Don't fall for the "Free test/Now I Have to Buy Something" guilt trip at pool stores. Avoid them, do...
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    Walmart, Lowes, Ace Hardware. Not sure if Pinch-a-Penny has locations in Austin.
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    Link opens for me in Safari on iPad.
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    Use pool time shock to chlorinate?

    @Comeby There are also Pinch-a-Penny locations near us, as well as One Stop Pool Supply. Ace Hardware also, but tends to be pricey. Check Lowes too.
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    New to Pool ownership - high CYA and algae

    Also, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Walmart, check Leslies (don't buy anything else!) or if you’re close to Deptford, check Ocean State Job Lot.
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    Algae Help!

    It's been great to see you learn, question and then, the AHA! moment(s). Kudos to you! We have been there and, as you've seen, stayed around for a lonnnnggg time to help others here. The best part is no matter what life or Mother Nature throws at you, you now know what to do to get the pool...
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    Lowes is rolling out a crappy new bleach

    I saw that too and decided it depended on whether it was stored outside (3%) or inside (6%). :ROFLMAO:
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    tf-100 test results

    Keep an eye on the FC. It may drop more than you expect due to possible algae growth when your level was low. Great job getting the TF-100 test kit! Glad to have you here and ask any questions you have...plenty of knowledgeable folks here, as you've already noticed!
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    How do i change my signature?

    Upper right in the blue bar. Click on your name/avatar. Click on signature. Edit away!
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    Lowes is rolling out a crappy new bleach

    The Ace Hardware in Rock Hill shows HTH liquid chlorine in stock. Expensive though @$6.99/gal.
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    CYA and a Thank you

    Use for chemical additions and for your FC & CYA levels.