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    Polaris Rebuild

    I am not even sure as there are no markings on it. It is one that is white and blue and has the mesh bag coming out the top.
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    Polaris Rebuild

    Have an old Polaris now that I moved that came with the new house. It doesn't work. Is it worth rebuilding?
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    Covering up my Grecian Inground Pool

    Ok, so I moved and have a big Rear Grecian inground pool with a walk in spa end. There are two safety hand rails one on the spa end and other along poolside toward the deep end. Both are cemented in place and cannot be removed. Any suggestions on how to do my mesh style winter pool cover?
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    Is it worth it??

    Don't use Salt Water with any metal. Being and Engineer and growing up in Cleveland, Ohio where they salt the heck out of the roads in winter and your car rots out taught me life lessons on this.
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    Rusted Intex Frame

    I tried the salt system one year and got the same result. No more salt systems on a metal frame pool for me
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    Texas AGP (Intex) - Will update

    Re: Ground is Now level - Texas AGP What diameter did you cut the taped the entire taped together foam boards?
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    Texas AGP (Intex) - Will update

    Re: Ground is Now level - Texas AGP What diameter did you cut the foam boards to? Did you cut to 22' as is the specified size of the pool?
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    Add salt water system to my above ground 24'round pool? Pros and cons

    Totally disagree with others on here. I setup the Intex Salt Water system for a season and it completely rotted out all my metal parts such as legs, crossbars and tees. Chlorine is such a fuss but at least I don't have to replace parts every year.
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    Rusted Intex Frame

    That's what happened to mine when I switched to the salt water system. Salt water eats up everything and is not for these metal framed pools!
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    Looking for contractor to level my ground

    I bought a new Intex 22' x 52" Ultra Frame pool but need my backyard leveled (Montgomery, Alabama area) The ground slopes about a 1 ft. per 16'. Anyone know of any contractors in my area who won't charge me an arm and a leg to level the ground and sand base?
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    Crack in Vari Flow Valve

    I just opened my pool again this year and found the same issue. My SP166T filter has a hairline crack at the pressure gauge tapping. From what I read online it is a common problem, though of course Hayward won't admit to it. I am trying JB weld with Silicone Sealant over it to see if that...
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    fountain picture test

    How many holes and what size did you drill out?
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    Need help on building raised foundation for IntexUltra Frame

    Re: Need help on building raised foundation for IntexUltra F Here are some more pics. What I want to do next is to install a through the wall skimmer where the current Intex outlet nozzle is and also make a fountain of comprising 2" PVC Pipe capped on the ends and a 2" PVC Tee in it's center...
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