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    Used Pool Walls: Tanning / Wading Pool - Cheap Liner Options?

    Update on DIY liner: had to redo several times from cold welds not holding, but looks good now.
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    Heater/Pool Equipment Location

    I had the same issue and decided to locate the heater next to the gas service due to the expense of the unground gas line. When the water is moving at 20+ gpm the heat loss in the PVC lines is negligible. Consider that solar pool heaters are loops of small diameter lines and not 1.5" or 2"...
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    Installing a 5 year old, new old stock liner!

    I had some anxiety about the liner for my project since I purchased it via Craigslist for $350. It had been purchased 5 years ago and never installed, I don't know the whole story. Liner was 20 mil, made by Loop-Loc, with a full pattern. I built the pool to fit the liner based on the...
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    DIY Stair Add-On -Inground Vinyl Liner

    I didn’t even consider that algae growth on it could be a problem. Thanks for the advice. I guess we will stick with the ladder for now!
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    DIY Stair Add-On -Inground Vinyl Liner

    I’ve read about a few people who have built composite stairs in their pool as an alternative to vinyl over concrete stairs. Has anyone tried building stairs from stone ontop of the vinyl liner? I’m thinking of using stacking garden wall block and then using the same coping stone for the steps...
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    Raised Bond Beam Construction - Vinyl Liner Steel Wall Pool

    jamjam, Thanks for the reply. I agree - I had planned to build this wall atop the liner track. I also contacted Pool Engineering (Pool Engineering, Inc., Structural Design of Swimming Pools and Residential Improvement Structures) who had some really helpful detail drawings on their website...
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    Raised Bond Beam Construction - Vinyl Liner Steel Wall Pool

    Reading through the forums it doesn't look like the raised bond beam is as common with vinyl liner pools, so I'm looking for some insight from someone who has seen this done. I need an 18" raised bond beam at the deep end of my pool. My plan had been to pour a continuous concrete bond beam...
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    Deep End Hopper Collapse - Loose Sand - How to Repair

    We are building a 16' x 36' DIY inground pool. The excavation was completed 3 weeks ago. We noticed right away that below 36" we had loose sand and the hopper walls (sloped to 8' deep end) didn't have much strength. It was even difficult to get the steel walls in place around the 2' overdig...
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    Seeking any plans on building a retractable pool cover for 14x34 freeform lagoon pool

    My thoughts: 3’ down the side is narrow, I prefer 4’, if you’re concerned about the size of the deck you should consider making your deck larger at only one end (16’) and don’t split the deck between two ends of the pool (10’/10’) Although not out of the realm of possibility, I can’t imagine a...
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    Used Pool Walls: Tanning / Wading Pool - Cheap Liner Options?

    Project started as a single rectangular pool, which I already have the liner for. I had enough steel panels to add 8’x14’. My preference was originally to add it as a tanning ledge, but to modify the liner was going to be $2200. Instead we opted to make it a separate pool which gives us the...