DIY Stair Add-On -Inground Vinyl Liner


Mar 23, 2021
Ontario, Canada
I’ve read about a few people who have built composite stairs in their pool as an alternative to vinyl over concrete stairs. Has anyone tried building stairs from stone ontop of the vinyl liner? I’m thinking of using stacking garden wall block and then using the same coping stone for the steps. Obviously it would need to be removed for a liner change, but hopefully that’s 10 years away. Thoughts?


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Jul 3, 2013
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Interesting.. I have been here 9 years and never seen nor heard of anyone doing or thinking about this... I love me some DIY so lets work through this...

The problems I see:

1. base, you will have lots of weight on top using the blocks, you will need a sturdy base so it does not sink or move any once you put all the weight on top..
2. liner death... rock or concrete or anything that has an edge will go through plastic in a heartbeat... You will need something to put between the rock and the liner to protect the liner... some kind of thick rubber mat..

Once you get this done it is going to be an algae nightmare.. how will you scrub the backs of the blocks and all the area you can not get too, it will breed algae faster than you can imagine.. If it gets a good flow from a return you may have to run your FC well above normal recommendations..

I can imagine if your pool turns green you may have to remove all the blocks and SLAM the pool and then return them back into the pool...

With all that said I think the best option is concrete or metal under liner steps as you will not have any of these issues :)
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