Installing a 5 year old, new old stock liner!


Mar 23, 2021
Ontario, Canada
I had some anxiety about the liner for my project since I purchased it via Craigslist for $350. It had been purchased 5 years ago and never installed, I don't know the whole story. Liner was 20 mil, made by Loop-Loc, with a full pattern. I built the pool to fit the liner based on the specifications that I got from Loop-Loc. It was in the original box, never opened and had been stored indoors. Removing it from the box, it smelled and felt like new vinyl.

The liner is 16' x 36' with an 8' deep end and square corners. My pool is 15'11" x 35'11" , but the liner was a perfect fit.

The liner was installed yesterday. Here were some of my concerns using this liner and what I learned:

I was concerned about the square corners and the bead staying in the liner track. Pulling the liner into the square corners was no problem. They do pop out to approximately 1" radius, but I am going to get some bead lock for the corners. The liner also fit nicely in the square corners without and wrinkles.

Loop-Loc advised against installing the liner as some of the storage wrinkles may not come out. We installed on a hot day (90F) and there are some minor fold marks visible in the shallow end, but not really noticeable.
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