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    Contractor did a HORRIBLE job on pool decking

    I've completely lost faith in any services from FB marketplace. It's as bad as craigslist now. I almost hired a guy for a patio cover Friday. I asked him to send a few more pictures of his work, which he did. Thankfully my wife noticed there were mountains in the background of one of the pics(we...
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    Quote thoughts???

    Seems high compared to down here in Florida, but could be more in line up north. My basic gunite plaster pool with sunshelf, no spa and 500sf of travertine deck is going to be ~45k. I could probably have added a spa for 12-15k more. Your best bet is to get 6 or 7 quotes and compare. I did that...
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    Starting soon, Tampa area. - **Fill Day!** 3/30

    Nice! It was alot quicker than expected so I was a little apprehensive. Maybe they're finally catching up with the backlog in hillsborough...
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    Starting soon, Tampa area. - **Fill Day!** 3/30

    Mine shows as Issued on that website. Do you know if issued means it'd fullly pproved?
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    New pool build in Boca Raton FL!

    Congrats! Did you decide to go with the pergola?
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    Trouble finding a place to install pool equipment

    How about just going with an electric heater?
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    Trouble finding a place to install pool equipment

    Wow 10 feet seems like alot...I wonder if that code exists in florida. If worst comes to worst, could you have a window replaced with a non-opening window or relocate a vent?
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    Pool House Floor Replacement

    I'm building a covered pavillion and thinking about using composite decking like that. Let us know how it turns out
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    Anybody here familiar with this pergola kit?

    Not familiar with it but looks like a nice simple design. If a hurricane was approaching you could always take down the sail. Do you have a gutter above it to catch some of the rainwater off the roof?
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    Pergolas and pavillions with new pool build - Tampa recommendations wanted

    Interesting. Had not heard of this product but will look into it. Thanks
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    Yes extremely heavy! Got mine Friday and was surprised when I went to pick it up off the doorstep. Love the quality and the size. Nothing compares that I've seen thats available to the diy'er for direct purchase.
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    It's hard to compare apples to apples, but looks like the equivalent to the Costco starter kit on the volt website is $600. The Costco starter kit is 499 with $100 off ending today.
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    I ordered the starter kit also. Figured for $399 it's worth it since I needed a transformer anyway.
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    WetEdge Luna quartz updated reviews

    I tried search but could only find a majority of reviews from 5 or 6 years ago. Back then there was some debate about consistency of the finish. Does anyone have positive reviews after having it installed for a few years? Our build starts in May and we're going with WetEdge Luna Quartz...
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    Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

    I just saw that Costco has VOLT lights on sale. Had not heard of them until reading this spread, but may grab some for after my pool is completed.