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    Saltwater Aurora all-resin pool build thread!

    I love it immensely - not a single complaint!
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    Pool Steps Advice

    Sorry, have been offline for a while! You can fill bottles with pea gravel and water, with a splash of chlorine.
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    Problems with Intex SWCG

    I’ve used an Intex SWCG for years. I can’t imagine why your cells would die after 30 days. Dying as in no chlorine production at all?
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    Intex Filter Pump Question

    OP, here is what your set up should look like, correct?
  5. 56EE1F53-6740-4F51-8B2B-FB337445FFEF.jpeg


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    Intex Filter Pump Question

    That’s what I mean - it sounds like those two hoses are connected to pool in the wrong places. Duh, now I see what you are saying. If it truly is a single unit, yeah, that would be impossible.
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    Intex AGP 32x16 - level within an inch, but broken pavers. Is it safe?

    I agree with Pat. I think they have probably shifted all they are going to at this point, due to the orientation of the cracks. Just don’t have any sumo wrestlers doing cannonballs, and keep your eyes on it!
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    Intex Filter Pump Question

    But he is letting the pump basket fill up when pump is off. It almost sounds like the connections are reversed - that when pump is on the suction is connected to the return side.
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    Florida Build started 11/24/2020 - lots of pics

    Yay! Do you ever find pond critters checking out your pool?
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    Anchor Sandbags w/Confer Step 1X

    I just used the largest drill bit in my tool box, and randomly drilled several holes on each side. Didn’t really have a plan or pattern.
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    I'm back too!

    Oh wow! That is amazing! I have never seen Grand Canyon - bucket list!
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    First pool setup, lake water fill and results - lots of pics

    Looks great and I just want to say how jealous I am that you have your own bobcat!
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    Intex Filter Pump Question

    Your pump basket should be full. Can you post a few photos of pump basket with pump on and off, and also of skimmer from inside pool and a top view with skimmer cover off? Do you have valves installed at regular suction line and at skimmer? Are you sure both are fully open?
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    Intex 12x24x52 pool install

    Do check the level of your pad. It might be slanted to allow water to drain off.
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    New Northeastern Pa Build

    That looks amazing! If you get bored, I am on two lots… plenty of opportunities here!