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    The ingredients of this particular product are "organic pigment" and "non-hazardous surfactant" per the SDS (
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    Pea Green Soup pool. Recovering from a crazy, "helpful" friend.

    Please return your HTH Green to Blue. That is additional powdered chlorine and a flocculant product. You do not want that in your pool. Exchange for liquid chlorine if you can.
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    Leslie's "Perfect Weekly" and Jacks Magic Metal Sequestering Agent

    You got it. You get chlorine and water and a tiny amount of salt from bleach. No additional CYA. So now that your CYA is pretty much where it needs to be... you need to stop using the pucks because they will keep adding CYA....
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    Leslie's "Perfect Weekly" and Jacks Magic Metal Sequestering Agent

    No need to test CYA daily. And the numbers are logarithmic... 48 = 50 and 62=70. Always round up. Unless these values are from a pool store's electronic tester? If your CYA is already near 60 or 70 I would suggest switching to bleach immediately.
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    Leslie's "Perfect Weekly" and Jacks Magic Metal Sequestering Agent

    Clarifiers use charged metallic ions to bind with particles in the pool. Sequestrants bind up metals. Do you see how that might interfere? If you have fresh plaster and are concerned about stains, then definitely use Jack's magic sequestrant as a safety precaution. But do not waste your...
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    Trying to SLAM - bleach not responding as thought

    Rain is no problem (however I suppose lightening presents a safety risk). Just as long as you are not afraid to go outside and get wet.
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    Test can't be right

    Use a 10mL sample, not a 25mL sample. Each drop is 0.5ppm. Even with a 25mL sample and a drop factor of 0.2, at 45 that's 9ppm chlorine. Not crazy... Also, do not use Clorox bleach in a pool. It has polymers in it that will cause problems. Stick with store brand. No scents. No splash...
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    Cloudy pool

    Hi there! Unfortunately we can't help you by relying on test results from strips. You need to purchase a high quality pool test kit such as the Taylor K2006C or the TF-100. See: Test Kits Compared - Trouble Free Pool It would also help us to help you if you update your signature with...
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    Adding CYA Process to Quick Set Pool

    Use dichlor to chlorinate for a few days. Use about 32 ounces (2 lbs) if dichlor shock. Use a quarter of a pound (4 oz) each day for 8 days. Will give you 6 ppm chlorine and 6ppm CYA each day. At the end of 8 days, your CYA will be around 50. Then switch to liquid chlorine. Be sure to...
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    Switching from power to liquid chlorine

    You will need to check the chlorine level daily in the beginning and add what is necessary (liquid chlorine) to return yourself to target chlorine level each day. Once you get an idea on how much chlorine your pool uses each day, you can add that amount and check less frequently (add daily...
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    Mustard Shock and test strips

    Here are some options on purchasing the kit you need outside of the United States:
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    Switching from power to liquid chlorine

    The free chlorine/CYA chart includes a shock value for the times when you need to SLAM. We do not shock but instead SLAM. Shocking is a one time thing. SLAM is a process. SLAM stands for shock level and maintain. If necessary (you have algae, high combined chlorine readings, cloudy water...
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    Anyone else in the UK?

    Not in the UK myself, but I know there are a few members who are, so don't feel like you're alone! Welcome!
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    New to pools, pool guy seems to have done nothing for us

    So many people really do believe frogs cause warts !!!!:censored: I won’t ruin anymore jokes! Sorry! It’s sort of like how people think pool stores help with pools...
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    New to pools, pool guy seems to have done nothing for us

    So, you may know this but for anyone reading: frogs do not cause warts. Warts are caused by a virus.