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    Will algae grow...

    So I understand generally about doing a SLAM to eradicate algae. Curious whether algae can proliferate at all in a well balanced pool and whether if there is a very small amount present whether keeping FC in 7-9 range will eventually eradicate any present slowly over time. I'm debating doing a...
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    Cloudy water and pH issue

    thanks, forget abut doing that in poolmath. Looks like 35 oz CYA decreases pH roughly 0.2. That doesn't account for pH falling about .5 or so, but maybe rain was acidic. I did check my lights and crevice where the fiberglass meets in the corners, and I think there is a tiny amount of green algae...
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    Cloudy water and pH issue

    FC 9.5 CC 0 pH 7.2 TA 100 CH 300-325 CYA 60ish I've had cloudy water a couple times last 3 weeks. The first time solar cover had been on for over a week and plenty of small debris had gotten in pool, but this was before it was warm enough to swim and FC was 3 the day I uncovered and water was...
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    Does adjusting CH affect salt level?

    If I need to add 25-30 pounds CaCl2 to get my CH back to 350 or so after winter partial drain and rain and snow refill, will that affect the salt level I measure with strip test for salt or for Taylor salt drop test. Obviously I am not adding sodium but is all the extra chloride contribute to...
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    TF 100 kit shelf life

    Great, thanks for quick answer.
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    TF 100 kit shelf life

    I ordered kit, first time ever for new pool, last spring and used until fall. Is it all good for this year? There is probably enough FAS DPD for this year for me, but the powder has turned from off white new to charcoal. Always stored inside around 70 degrees out of light. I was going to grind...
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    First test of year, what to adjust first

    Warm winter in Ohio, scheduled to open pool end of March by PB, but plan to do myself. I've read the pool opening sticky, but it didn't answer all I needed. I reached under my cover and grabbed a water sample to test, but only reached the top of water, which has risen since end of November from...
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    Neighbors pool has a problem

    I told him to brush once a week anyway since he doesn't have a robot for the floor. Wouldn't vacuuming after letting settle get a lot at once, then brush to circulate more?
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    Neighbors pool has a problem

    First, my pool is sparkling clear thanks to this site. My neighbor had his pool drained, cleaned and refilled 15 months ago after it was covered for 3 seasons by old owner. He has 30k IG with SWG sand filter and uses a Polaris with booster pump to clean. Runs single speed pump 24/7, a waste but...
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    Pool heating questions

    So, it's finally warming up in Ohio. Heat pump doing ok, got pool up to 75 today and hopefully up closer to 80 tomorrow. Main question is whether it is better to take off solar cover during sunny warmer portion of day while heating or leave on until we swim mid to late day? Either way heat pump...
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    Brands of hardness increaser

    New pool, need to get CH from125 to 350+ so need a lot of calcium chloride, looking to get a couple 40 lb bags or 25/50 pound bags. I'm in Ohio but missed the winter supply of cheap de-icer options it seems. I can order online from pool supply store but didn't want to spend $150. Has anyone used...
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    PH question

    Ok, I have been confused it seems. So the muriatic acid addition actually brings down TA, and the aeration increases pH to normal? For some reason I assumed the aeration decreased the TA and increased pH both. Please confirm. Is there an easy explanation for the acid decreasing TA itself?
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    PH question

    I've used the pH test in my TF100 and the kit PB gave me. Been testing every couple days. pH in7.8 range before I added acid a week ago to 7.6, although FC 12-13 then , going down now with CYA going in and FC going down, makes it hard to keep straight. Why wouln't aerating bring down TA, do I...
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    PH question

    Tested today at pH 7.3, FC is 10. I had added some muriatic acid to get pH to 7.5, but being a little ignorant maybe, I added 5 pounds CYA 2 days ago as well since I'm trying to get CYA up to 70 from 40. Is CYA a weak acid? No one will use pool until weekend at least because too cold still...
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    FC doesn't want to come down

    My FC was 12-13 even with SWG on 20% and running pump on 1000rpm. I've left SWG off for 2 days and FC is 10 today. I added 80 oz CYA to shoot for around 60 ppm before going up to 70-80 because I got 30-40 ppm testing and don't want to overshoot. 2/3 of CYA has dissolved in skimmer. I haven't...