TF 100 kit shelf life


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Apr 24, 2016
Dayton, Ohio
I ordered kit, first time ever for new pool, last spring and used until fall. Is it all good for this year? There is probably enough FAS DPD for this year for me, but the powder has turned from off white new to charcoal. Always stored inside around 70 degrees out of light. I was going to grind the powder in a mortar since it's less fine grained now. Or should I buy any new reagents? I don't see dates on the kit' which I ordered with other chemicals from Pool Supply Wharehouse I think, so I don't know how long it sat there. I will order through member here going forward.



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Apr 1, 2007
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Interesting question. As long as that charcoal powder turns your pool sample pink in the presence of chlorine, it's still good and will yield good results.

The charcoal color (or grey) comes from the increasing exposure to moisture (there's not much you can do). That said, most people like fresh refills every year and I know there is a sale on the Complete Refill Set coming pretty soon. (PM or email tftestkits if you need the exact date)

So, it's certainly your call.....your reagents are likely just fine or you may decide to just get all brand new (for around $33.00 I think)