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    Cellulose for cartridge filters?

    Doug, If your water is not crystal clear, it is not because of your cartridges.. Thanks, Jim R.
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    Lights not working

    M, Do you have 120 volt lights, or 12 volt lights? Are your lights GFCI protected? If so, that would be the first thing I would check.. Does your EasyTouch cabinet have a GFCI outlet in the lower right side. If so, see if that outlet works.. If not push the reset button. The next thing...
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    HELP, was our skimmer set too low.

    bmoreswim, Maybe just the angle of the pics, but I see the op's skimmer as being a lot lower than yours.. Thanks, Jim R.
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    New build Pearland TX

    P, Any pool builder who would install a PL4 or PSL4 should be ashamed of themselves.. The "L" stands for lite as in the kind of salad dressing that no one likes.. The lite version of the EasyTouch does not come with a load center for all your circuit breakers, has a max of 4 schedules, and...
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    Question about replacing Pentair Pump

    Chad, They will unscrew from your pump, but only after you cut the pipe.. Buy the unions and it will make the install very easy. Thanks, Jim R.
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    New to pools; what filter do I have?

    F, S7M120 cartridge filter. Thanks, Jim R.
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    Fill water valve controlled by Easytouch

    Julie, I assume you mean the transformer that makes the 24 Volts AC that turns on the sprinkler valve.. If so here is just one of many.. The transformer takes the 120 VAC and steps it down to 24 VAC...
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    Question about replacing Pentair Pump

    Chad, Show us a pic of the pump.. I really doubt your pump is installed with pump unions.. They look like this...
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    Best place to buy Pentair IC40

    Monk, I've gone through two IC40's on my pools.. One lasted about 9 years and the other about 7 years.. The average is between 4 to 7 years in most pools.. Not sure why you are only getting 3 years.. :scratch: That said, I don't run a SWCG because it is cheaper, I do it because it is so...
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    Fixed my Pentair SE- Dolphin s200

    Mark, I assume that is exactly what happens.. That is how they tell the health of the motors... Jim R.
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    HELP, was our skimmer set too low.

    Liz, The most important thing about the vertical position of the skimmer is that when the water is in the middle of the waterline tile, it also needs to be in the middle of the skimmer's mouth. When I look at your first pics, it appears to me that when the water is in the middle of the...
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    Fixed my Pentair SE- Dolphin s200

    Mark, When the robot initially starts up, it does a self test.. It moves a little forward and back and then turns on the suction motor.. If it senses a failure, it just shuts down. Thanks for the update, Jim R.
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    Sanity Checks on Plaster SWG pH Rise in 2nd Year Pool

    DB, Does your infinity edge run all the time the pump is on?? I'd let your TA drop to just above 50 and see if that helps.. Thanks, Jim R.
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    HELP, was our skimmer set too low.

    Liz, I still say the skimmer is set about 2" two low.. Normally the top of the coping is level with the top of the skimmer lid.. If you look at the decking side of the coping you can see that the top of the skimmer is way too low. No matter what, that skimmer will not work when when the...
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    Skimmer & Main Drain Valve Positions

    7, Assuming that your cleaner line has a cap where it enters the pool, I would rotate the valve around so that only 10% of the main drain is open. If the cleaner has a cap, you don't need to have it shut off with a valve. Then I would fully open the Skimmer. There is no absolute right answer...