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    Hello, I am Elliot from Katy, TX. I own a small pool and like to do my own maintenance. Happy to be part of the forum.

    Elliot, Well, we are glad you found us... (y) Thanks, Jim R.
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    Tristar VS950

    Dhos. The first thing to do is measure the 240 volts right where it goes into the pump.. Make sure you measure between the L1 connection and the L2 connection.. You should get 240 volts AC. Do not measure L1 to ground and then L2 to ground, as that can often give you an invalid readings...
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    Anyone Recognize This?

    K, Did you just find that part in the pool, or was it inside the cleaner's bag? It looks way too big to have been sucked up by the cleaner. Thanks, Jim R.
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    Main Pump not starting

    FST, An IntelliFlo pump should be getting constant AC power. The AC power does not go through any relays. The pump is controlled by an RS-485 cable.. The first thing to check is that the pump and EasyTouch can "talk" to each other.. Put the system into the Auto mode and then look at...
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    Best way to get large amounts of leafs out of green pool

    Eva, Unless you are right next to a lake, or know that you have a high-water table, then emptying a pool in the DFW area is not much of an issue. I've had two pools replastered in this area and they did not think twice about draining them. I don't know if I'd use high pressure to wash the...
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    Replacement for Dolphin Diagnostic cleaner

    C3, The S200 "style" robots clean as well as the more expensive S300 and S300i, it just does not come with a caddy, nor any of the magic bells and whistles that I find worthless. Thanks, Jim R.
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    Best way to get large amounts of leafs out of green pool

    Eva, Depending on the kind of filter you have, I would vacuum to waste.. In the DFW area, water prices are so low that it often makes more sense to drain and refill a pool, than it does to buy the million gallons of chlorine that it will take to turn your green pool blue. Also.. It should...
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    Two speed or variable speed pump suggestions

    Push, No they are not.. They have an o-ring around the threaded end that seals the threaded end instead of relying on teflon tape or plumber goop.. In my opinion, anyone that installs a new pump without using pump unions, is not doing themselves any favors.. They also have another O-ring in...
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    Cementitious membrane under pool plaster?

    C, I assume this additional coating is not free... So, in my mind it is just an excuse for a money grab by the pool builder. How much does your pool builder want for this "protection"?? Thanks, Jim R.
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    how to wire Hayward Variable speed pump to Pentair Easy touch automation

    George, I think the IC40's flow switch comes on at about 25 GPM, but it does not matter what it should do, it only matter what it does do.. With a clean filter start at about 1200 RPM and see if the flow light on the cell is green.. If not, adjust the speed up until it just comes on and then...
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    Replacement for Dolphin Diagnostic cleaner

    C3, I too started out with Dolphin Diagnostic cleaners.. I have since move on to S200 style cleaners.. They are hands-down twice the cleaner the old Diagnostics were.. I recommend that you call and talk with.. Margaret Mills Marina Pool, Spa & Patio 7777 West Jewell Avenue Lakewood...
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    IC40 Looks Dead

    N, The problem now is we don't know if it is the cell that is bad, or the surge card (power supply) is bad. My guess is the cell is bad, but who knows.. I've replaced two IC40s.. One was over 9 years old and the other over 7 years old. My lights never went out, the cell light would just...
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    how to wire Hayward Variable speed pump to Pentair Easy touch automation

    George, Using the relay set up, you basically have to tell the system to do two or more things to get it to do what you want, while with the RS-485 (IntelliFlo) you just need to do one thing and everything else happens automatically. One of the things that you can do is to route the AC power...
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    IC40 Looks Dead

    N, I'd unplug the cell from the bottom of the EasyTouch and see what the DE voltage does.. In my system the DC voltage is about 35 volts DC, when the cell is operating, and about 40 VDC when the cell is at rest.. I "assume" the cell is drawing too much current which loads down the surge...
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    Pentair CCP520 First Cleaning -- Internal Rust

    pjt, Mine is the same way too... Jim R.