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    Bad capacitor

    The motor on my pump stopped working. It makes a humming sound and I am able to turn the impeller. From what I read on this board it looks like I need to replace the start capacitor. I have a couple questions Do all pumps have a start and run capacitor. I see both referenced but the Youtube...
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    SWG question

    I thought the idea of a two-speed pump was to run it twice as long at half the speed. That would be pretty close to 24 hours so I just ran it 24 hours. It worked nice. If I get a SWG is a two speed not necessary? Or are you saying with a SWG I can run the pump even less?
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    SWG question

    I am considering a SWG this summer. I did some searching and I think a Circupool RJ60 for about 1K is my best bet. For the price and size, I feel pretty comfortable with that unless someone has any dire warnings about this company. I live in Michigan so it will only get so much use. That is not...
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    I have a question about adding DE to filter.

    From what I understand adding DE to a sand filter creates a small layer at the top of the sand and catches all the fine particles. That means it is also catching anything bigger. Is there anything left for the sand to do? It seems to me the ideal thing to do would be adding sand to the filter...
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    Need an O-ring

    Thanks guys. The manufacture emailed me back with O-ring: E-328 EPDM O-RING 1-7/8X2-1/4X3/16 . or BUNA O-RING 1-7/8X2-1/4X3/16 IDXODXW. I think I found it on Amazon so I will know in a couple days.
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    Need an O-ring

    I have a Spears PVC white schedule 40 union. The o-ring needs to be replaced and I can’t find the right size in any store around here. I imagine I can find them online but I am not even sure what the size is. If I order online I can’t just bring the part into the store. Does anybody know the...
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    Dolphin Nautilus

    Over the weekend I purchased a Dolphin Nautilus pool cleaner from Amazon for $550. Price is a major issue for me so If I had to spend much more I would likely not get anything. They were out of stock so I have a window of opportunity to change my mind. It seemed like a pretty good deal compared...
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    Pump wiring and GFI

    Success, Thank you everyone for your help everything is running as expected. I did have a Clark Griswald moment. Everything was running and I could change speeds but I had a couple loose plumbing connections. I shut the pump off and redid some of the connections. I turned the pump back on and...
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    Pump wiring and GFI

    I was planning on finishing this project over the Memorial Day weekend up unfortunately there was a shipping snafu with the pump. I did end up going with a 2 speed pump. I selected the 2 speed Hayward Super Pump. Only time will tell how super it really is but I like the way the basket opens...
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    Pump wiring and GFI

    If I ever decide to add a chlorine generator in the future which I would like to do next year how would that fit into this set-up. At that time will I need to run another line? That is a huge deal for me but I could probably do it.
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    Pump wiring and GFI

    Thanks for the quick replies. Sounds like I am going in the right direction. I should point out the two circuit breakers are connected with a bracket so when one trips the other does as well. Maybe what I will find when I start opening things up is there are two wires coming from the house and...
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    Pump wiring and GFI

    I am in the market for a new pump and was looking at a two speed. I was thinking there would simply be a switch on the motor to switch from fast to slow. After some research it sounds like there is a little more to it so I don’t think I will be doing that. I don’t want to replace timers and add...
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    I Need a New Pump

    I live in Michigan and use the pool for 3 to 4 months a year. I have a 20x40 pool with about 36,000 gallons of water. I am in need of a new pump. Are the energy savings of a variable speed pump worth the extra cost? If I only use it for such a short time each year should I even be concerned...
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    Problem with the filter losing water thru the backwash outle

    The way my filter is set up the backwash outlet goes directly into a pvc pip that goes underground into a drainage tile which takes the water to the front yard and ultimately in the street if it does not get absorbed into the ground so I never really see the water. That seems a little different...
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    Broken Inground Step

    I found a pool store with a step. they told me to cut out the remaining and cement the new one in. Sounds like fun. Thanks