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Mar 21, 2009
Lower West Michigan
The motor on my pump stopped working. It makes a humming sound and I am able to turn the impeller. From what I read on this board it looks like I need to replace the start capacitor. I have a couple questions
  • Do all pumps have a start and run capacitor. I see both referenced but the Youtube videos that show how to replace the capacitor only show one. I think it is the start capacitor.
  • I would like to replace both while I am at it but only see one. I am thinking there is only one.
  • I can’t figure out which one to buy.
  • Videos show 3 wires and I only have two.
  • Mine has a resistor on top and the ones I see online do not have that.
If anyone could look at these pictures and tell me what I would need I would appreciate it.
Do you think pool stores would sell this? I rather not wait for an online delivery. The motor supply stores all seem to be closed on weekends.

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Jul 21, 2013
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This looks like the correct capacitor. Call inyopools to confirm. I don’t think you will find it in any pool store.

What motor did this come from?

You will have to move the bleed resistor or replace it on the new capacitor. Brown/green/orange/gold is a 15K 5% resistor.

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Jun 16, 2019
Thanks y'all for posting this one. Just had the same humming motor not starting and a quick forum search gave me this result. 5 minutes later the capacitor is on order for delivery in 2 days.

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Jun 5, 2019
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Not all motors have run capacitors.. In fact the newer VS pumps won't have a start capacitor at all... I have heard that many Ace Hardwares carry start capacitors also if you need something right now... Putting the bleeder resistor on the new capacitor is a very good safety idea...


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Jun 16, 2019
I couldnt find capaciters anywhere near me when i needed one for my sprinkler pump. (Different beast but nobody had ANY). Amazon would probable have common pool capaciters but they had none for me. The plumging supply places all said it was an electrical part and the electric supply places said it was plumbing. I was utterly stunned with living in farm and pool country. On the 12th attempt, an older salesmen said to try the HVAC supply place. They use them in centail air units and sure enough they had one close enough. I forget exactly but something like +/- 10% UF was close enough and harmless. My HVAC store isnt open to the public and is for business sale only. Luckily the guy at the store felt bad for my plight and sold me one anyway using somebodys account. I paid cash of course but still chuckle from time to time wondering if the HVAC company ever noticed that 'purchased' and were credited a capacitor. Chances are they do $100s of thousands of business there and never knew.


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Jun 16, 2019
I had my AC compressor die and the fix was a new capacitor in it.
I learned that was a common problem. And rarely ever a problem for plumbing/electric stores which was why they didn’t carry them anymore. It was funny too cuz it was the exact scenario at all the stores. I was walking through the door with the capacitor in hand, and each and every one of them shouted ‘we don’t have those while I was still 30 feet from the counter. So if anybody out there has trouble finding the right capacitor, look up the nearest HVAC supply.


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Jun 16, 2019
They don't carry capacitors because they would rather sell you a new motor or pump. The capacitors go bad all the time.
Thats the thing though. Im sure they would have loved to sell me a new $3-5k sprinkler pump, but nobody tried to sell me anything. They just told me they didnt have capacitors with me still at the door. They knew from however far away and didnt even want to see the #s to check if they could order it. Just a 'Nope not here, try the other place'. I drive around at work between 15 towns and would try soemwhere else most days at lunch. It was a few weeks before somebody even knew to try the HVAC store. That guy saw me at the door and asked which one i needed from the door.

The area i live in has many houses with sprinklers and pools and everything else is farmfield which irrigate 1000 times more than me. Like you said capacitors fail all the time. At least some of the stores should have carried them.