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    Pump + SWG Timing

    @geonjay First, I find out how long I want to run the pump. I run my pump 24/7 except during Smart Hours (savings program from our electric company). If a change is made, duration of pump or % of SWG, I make the change and test the next day. I generally will test the same time each day when...
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    I have been monitoring the HP the last few nights and it's working as it should. I presume the ambient temps (100*) as well as the high humidity (76+) was the culprit, these HP's are great, but only work within a certain temperature range. 50* - ~110* Fahrenheit.
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    The only thing I know how to do to increase flow would be clean the filter, I have cartridge filters. I can do that, as well as clean the coils of the HP. Anything else I can hit while I am working around that area? FYI, I am cooling the water and it's causing this fault. I think it works the...
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    My Jandy heat pump / chiller is throwing this error when it's hot outside. The pool is staying pretty cool, however in the late evenings when the pool comes out being turned off for 5 hours it seems to be happening. The pool is on all day and night EXCEPT from 2pm, to 7pm everyday, (It's only...
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    Getting pool installed in about a month

    I am going on 6 years with the pool at my current house, grew up with a pool as well.
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    Getting pool installed in about a month

    Saltwater no doubt! SWG, with a heatpump is my recommendation, I have a chiller on the heatpump as well for the dog days of summer!
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    New Pool, odd results?

    We have about the same size pool, if I leave the SWG on 100% I will have a chlorine reading of 15-20 ppm the next day. Turn on the SWG and crack open the pipe directly downstream of the SWG and take 10 ml of the water dripping out of the pipe you cracked and test that. It should read...
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    New plaster seems to be turning white-ish in some spots

    Filling in the pool seems a little dramatic, this happened to me when I first built the pool with a "darker" plaster. We ended up re-plastering back to a "whiter color" look and all is well. The pools will slowly degrade each year from what I have seen, even having a "balanced" chemistry...
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    New to Saltwater Generators

    Crack the pipe directly after the SWG and test the water dripping out. This helped me verify that the SWG was working as expected.
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    New to Saltwater Generators

    Drain and refill, SWG's work great.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    It was creeping up to the 90's after this heat dome came crashing into our party. I flipped it from heat to chill and now the water is a refreshing 84*...
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    New to Saltwater Generators

    I'd first begin by verifying that the SWG is operating as expected, how you ask? SWG drip test. I'd plug that SWG back on, set it to 100%, when the pool is running open a pipe downstream of the SWG and test that water. It should have a high chlorine reading.
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    Chlorine levels go down close to zero overnight.

    Listen to @mknauss he's a pro, I'm just an end user. But I'd make sure of the CYA level, and second I'd get to the CC. Grab a big pack of bleach for the time being, and go through the steps to narrow down your issue. Something isn't balanced or there is some sort of issue, generally speaking...
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    Haha, yep. Due to the fact that I got lazy and almost messed up! Will get back into testing much more often.