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    Cartridge filter keeps breaking

    I know it has been said, but I agree with everyone else... your system is 100% reversed plumbed. You can tell because the pleats are puffing out and the top end cap cracked where the core is placed. Water should flow outside in versus inside out. Looking at the pictures, the outside of the...
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    817-0175 N cartridge replacement???

    Can you confirm the measurements of the cartridge? Is the Length = 28 1/4" or 23 1/4"?
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    Reusable Type B filters....need opinion and advice

    Arosas, just curious, what do they define as "reusable"? How long will that cartridge last? All aftermarket cartridges are considered "reusable" in the sense that you can wash them and then put them back in.
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    jacuzzi / cantar

    In Canada, Jacuzzi pool tanks are built by Carvin. In the US, Leslie's has the exclusive rights to Jacuzzi and they have it built by a different manufacturer.
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    Sta-Rite Cartridge Filter?

    The Sta-Rite system 3 system is a beast of a cartridge (500 sq ft). It is a two cartridge system (one sits within the other). It is very unique with how water flows and filters within the tank. A lot of people it because it can hold a ton of dirt, therefore you don't have to clean it often...
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    1200 RE filter

    It sounds like you have a Hayward C1200 tank... the equivalent Pleatco # = PA120, Unicel # = C-8412 and the OEM # = CX1200-RE.
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    Need Hayward Filter Identification

    You could take out the filter cartridges to measure them or see if there is a part # on the end cap. Then you would have to work backwards to see which tank it is.
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    Hayward 5030 Cartridge Filters

    If the pressure rises right after you clean the cartridges, it might be time for a new set. Over time debris gets lodged into the media and no matter how well you clean it, it won't come out. As well, just because a filter looks white and clean, doesn't mean it's really clean.
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    Rx Clear Filter Balls

    Drew, We have done extensive testing on filter balls and alternative products. If you currently have a cartridge tank, you cannot add the filter balls as a cartridge replacement, you would have to purchase a sand tank and use the Filter Balls as the filtration medium. If you have any...
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    What filter brand? (Hayward, Unicel, or Porpoise)

    Both Pleatco and Unicel private labels cartridges for Porpoise.
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    The great filter test begins

    Hi KDpoolguy, just wanted to correct you on one thing. Pleatco cartridges are not made with Reemay, we use an exclusive Point Bonded media designed by our engineers called Pleatco Advanced. I am looking forward to seeing your results. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jeff
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    Can you clean your cartridges too often?

    You should really only clean your cartridge when you see an increase in 8-10 PSI from the starting pressure.
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    Problems with Sta Rite 3 Filter

    It sounds like you need some new cartridges... I know the system 3 cartridges should last a while, but 10 years is a bit too long, especially if you are seeing the pressure jump after cleaning it.
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    Clean and clear 150 sf

    The 200 sq ft cartridge will have a higher dirt holding capacity, so you should see a longer time in between cleanings than the 150 sq ft version
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    Sand/dirt getting into the pool through the jets - cartridge filter

    Can you post pictures of your cartridge? Based on the size of the debris you posted, that should definitely get caught by the cartridge. It is possible there is bypass on the top or bottom of the cartridge if it is not seated properly on the manifold.