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    Installed New Circupool Edge 40

    I look forward to hearing your report back. I am the inquisitive challenged.
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    Help me pick a circupool SWG

    Brett, I just wanted you to know that my RJ-45+ has worked flawlessly. I love being able to see it making chlorine (clear SWG cell) and be able to adjust it in 5% increments. My pool is a bit larger than yours, so I did opt for the larger size SWG. I do like the ability to check the water...
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    Why a Robot?

    Dan, I put my robot in the pool any time I have any debris on the bottom of the pool. This usually equates to once or twice every two weeks. This takes away the necessity of having to vacuum and brush down my pool. The robot does that for me. Basically, I place it in the pool, turn it on...
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    Ahhhsome Question

    Ahhsomeguy, Thanks for replying. It is nice to see the manufacturers online supporting their product. I did not want to imply that the result was insignificant, but rather it was not as dramatic as I have read from others for my particular tub. I was pleasantly surprised.
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    Ahhhsome Question

    I just treated my spa for the first time. I had never treated it before so I was expecting the worst. Ahhhsome was a gel, which surprised me. I placed three teaspoons in my spa while it was running full bubbles and water at perfect levels. It bubbled a lot and I got some bubbles that were...
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    My circupool RJ45+ seems to stop making chlorine whenever the pool temp drops to 60 or below. That temperature is read by the circupool not off my insta-read thermometer. Usually they are within 2 degrees of each other.
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    SWG pool. PH keeps increasing

    Woodsy27, Here is the link about what levels you should have in a SWG, Chemical Levels. You really need a real test kit so that you actually know what your levels are.
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    Considering an SWG

    I am similar to Rancho. Last year I kept great records on what I needed to do to adjust my SWG chlorine production. By the end of the season, I was checking maybe once a week just to make sure. This season, I dialed it in according to what I had last year, and presto! My pool is perfect and...
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    Switching to SWG - Need Help with "Which One"

    To add on to what Mguzzy said, the nice part is once you reach your salt goal, you are set unless you have overflow or lots of rain. Salt basically stays constant. This year I added a few bags right before opening. However at $7 a bag for a seasons worth of chlorine, it is worth it! Enjoy...
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    Switching to SWG - Need Help with "Which One"

    This is my one year anniversary with the RJ45+ and I love it. No problems and at setting of 20%, it keeps my 20K pool sparkling clear,
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    Installed New Circupool Edge 40

    I agree totally with AJW. Raise that FC level until your SWG is operational. No reason to worry about algae while we are preparing for swim season. Settings like the TA and CYA will need to be played with once you get your SWG up and going. I find a lower TA of around 60 (mine is 70...
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    CircuPool RJ series Spring Time Gotcha

    My pump runs 24/7 at low speed. My SWG and the pump are on the same circuit. So if the pump's power is knocked off, the SWG's power is as well. With those precautions and the flow valve, I do not worry at all.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    Not as lucky as PoolBrews. Here in the Panhandle the temp is at 74 degrees. Getting close to swim time.
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    CircuPool RJ series Spring Time Gotcha

    Well when it started getting colder and the pool water dropped into the 60's, my CircuPool SWG started giving strange error messages starting with the word "Temp" and the generator light started blinking. These forums once again came to my aid and quickly identified that the controller error...
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    Chrome and the Forum

    All other sites are working great and now this one seems to be going good with Chrome. I really don't understand. Let's call it a NO problem unless it reappears.