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    Salt consumption

    I haven't had to add any salt to my salt-clients since initial spring balance, and that was with record rain levels around here this year. You're right... we used to have a saying around here like a decade ago. '90% of the people in the industry don't know anything about pool chemistry. The...
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    10% bleach in a pump sprayer did the trick.
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    Any ideas to make this look better, that doesn't involve a pressure washer?
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    Half of pool jets not working

    If you have an automated valve there is a little button at the bottom of it that may have been accidentally switched so it's not in auto mode....
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    Suddenly... bird poop!

    Not for me. I've seen rubber snakes work.
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    New Member who is just starting to learn how to maintain my own pool

    You are adding chlorine every day, right?
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    Dead pump, How long before..

    The pump from amazon should have the same warranty. Save the money ;)
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    Pressure not changing

    No not normal. Also how old are they? What is your end of season cleaning regimen?
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    New Pump- Best Brand??

    That pump is fine... poor circulation can be attributed to a number of things... higher rate of circulation doesn't always equal better. Did you have suction issues when vacuuming? Was your eyeball return pointed correctly, were you backwashing accordingly, etc. Just a few things. I don't...
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    Suddenly... bird poop!

    It lasts about 4 weeks generally. Mine has ended, so you must be later in the season. For me its mid May to mid June but we had an early (and lousy) spring.
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    Black algae species

    This is a Deep End conversation.
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    Suddenly... bird poop!

    Its too late now, the dive-bombing ends when the babies leave the nest. They love the arborvitaes. I would suggest that next year, you be proactive and prevent them from nesting there... easier said than done. I've given up. LOL All you can do is keep your chlorine level in range and brush...
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    Welcome Larry!
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    Suddenly... bird poop!

    Sounds like you have a nest of Grackles. They take the poop of their young and drop it on the side of my pool EVERY YEAR. Its disgusting. They are literally like dive bombing airplanes, and they know what they are aiming for. Its bizarre.