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    Need help with a new multi-port

    Hello All, I hope everyone is having a great summer and a pool season. I need some help with finding what I need to replace my leaking multi-port valve. I have replaced the spider gasket before and it helped only a bit but it is pretty old and other things are also falling apart on it so it is...
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    Leaking Skimmer

    I have a leak right under the skimmer in my in-ground pool. It is where the bottom of the skimmer connects to schedule 40 2" PVC pipe. There is too much concrete around the bottom of the skimmer, so accessingand repairing it is not looking like an option. I was wondering if anyone found a...
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    Leaking skimmer line

    Hello, I have two skimmers and one of them was leaking a bit and I was getting by with using just one of them. Now that one is also leaking, it was time to fix the problem. I believe when I was buying the house the pool inspector told me these skimmers have two lines coming to them and I can...
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    Repairing pool plaster, rough surface, steps

    codyt, Sorry I have not noticed your question earlier. I ended up having acid wash done which cleared the black algae problem. I have not got any work for the surface done yet but I am considering it again. I thought Mid-America was very expensive but I heard very good things about them. If...
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    Stonescape vs. Pebble-Tec

    Any updates you can provide? I wonder if you went with StoneScapes and how it looks. Also I am very curious about the cost, if it is OK to answer.
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    Repairing pool plaster, rough surface, steps

    I am getting some estimates on the re-plaster work. There is one contractor that was recommended to me by one of the expensive builders that do not prefer to service my area (some insurance thing I believe) He told me he used this contractor and was happy with his work. The PB guy told me they...
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    Repairing pool plaster, rough surface, steps

    Thank you both for your responses. As far as pool chemistry, I only let it go for a while recently. I keep it in very good condition in general. Now that I was planning a bleach wash, I stopped adding bleach. I agree I need new plaster too, but my goal was to defer it for a couple of years and...
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    Repairing pool plaster, rough surface, steps

    I also thinking painting the plaster after making the repairs as an alternative to replastering and use it that way for a few years. Anyone has done this? Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Repairing pool plaster, rough surface, steps

    I have been successfully using BBB method for a while, but towards the end of last swimming season, I noticed some algae that I was not able to kill no matter how much I brushed and shocked. I think it is black algae. It has a waxy feel to it when you step on it. The problem is that the plaster...
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    Empty pools & hydrostatic pressure?

    Excellent topic as I was looking into empty my pool, chlorine and acid wash it. The water table level is a problem when the pool is in a flat land. For instance, my in-ground pool is not on a level surface. The long end that is close to the house is about 2-3 feet higher than the other long end...
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    How to fix rough plaster areas without draining the water?

    Re: How to fix rough plaster areas without draining the wate I understand what you are saying, but why would it only happen at the shallow side? I will try and take some pictures. Hopefully that will help.
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    How to fix rough plaster areas without draining the water?

    Hello All, Currently I have black algae in my pool and they are holding on the little cracks in the shallow side of my plaster pool. Before I purchased the house, it seems like they drained the pool or lost lots of water during winter where the water was drained from the whole shallow area of...
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    Opening my pool again

    Hello All, Last year I used BBB method the second part of the year and I was happy other than you know the bulky bleach containers. I removed the poolcover yesterday and was able to test the water today. I have not done anything yet other than testing. The water looks a little green but I can...
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    Replacing a Polris auto clear with Compupool CPSC36

    Hey Steve, I know summer is not over yet but I am wondering about your experience with this equipment.
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    Anyone ever worked with Saltron Retro?

    So did it work out for you? I have seen this product on ebay as well but the low salt output and the fact that it does not measure your chlorine level while generating chlorine did not seem like good qualities.