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    HeatpumpsAquaCal SQ225 vs Raypak R8450TI-E

    Looks like the Aqua Cal is more efficient than the Raypak but the Raypak is 3k vs 5k for the AquaCal. That 2k would pay for most of a solar heater which might be more efficient overall and have more heating power. Pool info: 20k gallons in ground Pentair intellicenter 3HP VS pump 600ish square...
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    Just had plaster acid washed what now?

    Pool is filling back up now. Is there anything that I need to do other than a general startup? thanks brain trust!
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    CYA super low

    My new pool was turned over to my care by the pool startup guys couple weeks ago who said just run the tablets till you get enough CYA then switch over to using liquid. I can’t measure ANY CYA in my pool and can’t get the FC to come up at all. The FC was low so long (.5) that I decided to go...
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    Re-wiring Intellicenter for separate control of lights.

    So I can just come off the output of that breaker into a different relay then and avoid adding another breaker. That make s a lot of sense and seems even easier. I'll take a couple pics and add them to the thread.
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    Re-wiring Intellicenter for separate control of lights.

    I had my intellicenter installed by my pool installer and didn't think to ask to have the bubbler lights setup on a separate transformer so that I could control them separately. If I understand correctly, I need to add a 15amp GCFI breaker and a pentair transformer then wire it through an...
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    Raypak HeatPump - Intellicenter In Austin TX

    Looking at adding Raypak Heatpumo to my new pool build in ATX. my pool is 27000 gallons and 655sq feet. And on a slope so it gets a fair amount of wind. Question 1: Using the Raypak calculator, it looks like the 140k unit is the one to get as long as I’m willing to use a solar cover in...
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    Fixing depth profile

    We decided to go ahead and do it as our kids and and their friends, cousins, etc can’t really touch the floor anywhere in the pool. I called a couple gunite companies in town and they said to make sure they are drilling into the existing gunite and adding rebar to bond the concrete to it. It’s...
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    Fixing depth profile

    If there are any construction experts that could chime in, I'd sure appreciate knowing what the right way to do this would be.
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    Fixing depth profile

    My wife is also on the shorter side and she isn't happy with it either as she could have her head above water in less than 1/3 of the length. Plus it would kinda suck for him not to be able to stand up at all.
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    Fixing depth profile

    We're not happy with the way that our depth profile ended up. It starts at 3.5' and is a wedge down to 6.5 feet. We had asked for them to make us more shallow space and the way it is now, my youngest will only be able to have his head above water if he's right up against the shallow wall (he's...
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    Gunite shot yesterday. Contractor says DON'T water it.

    I always thought that it was supposed to cure for a couple weeks and that you were supposed to water it at least twice a day. I watered it this morning and now My contractor says he has guys coming out tomorrow to start doing tile and coping work so don't water it tomorrow. Is that right?
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    mounting options for my outdoor screen

    Yeah this is kinda what I was thinking as well but won't the galvanized bolts rust? Would that happen in a short period of time?
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    mounting options for my outdoor screen

    My gunite pool will be mostly out of the ground and I want to attach my movie screen to the back of it in a way that I can take it down when I want to. I was thinking having them install a couple rows of something like this along the back of it...