Raypak HeatPump - Intellicenter In Austin TX


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Dec 7, 2019
Looking at adding Raypak Heatpumo to my new pool build in ATX.

my pool is 27000 gallons and 655sq feet. And on a slope so it gets a fair amount of wind.

Question 1:

Using the Raypak calculator, it looks like the 140k unit is the one to get as long as I’m willing to use a solar cover in theFall and Spring. Does anybody have experience in my climate and doe the calculations on the site bear out?

Question 2:

I have an Intellicenter and after reading both manuals it seams tha this should be relatively easy to integrate with it. Again any experience with this from the brain trust?

Question 3: My Intellicenter sub panel is on 2 x 50Amp breakers from my main box. In the sub panel there are 2x20 Amp breakers for the pump, 1x20Amp for the pool lights, and 2x20amp for the outdoor kitchen. There is plenty of actual space for the heat pump breakers, but is there enough juice?