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    Bestway Costco Pool vacuum connection question

    I have a Costco Bestway 22x12x4 Pool, similar to the 17x9x4. It did not come with a vaccuum, so I want to connect one but there is no adapter from the skimmer (Ports B ) where I can connect the vacuum hose directly; I am not sure which part I need to buy or what is called in order to attach a...
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    Hose extension size for Bestway Costco pool

    Does any of you know the dimension for the Costco Bestway Hoses? I would like to buy an extension to put the pump further away. I bought the 22x12x4. Can I buy these at Lowe’s or where do you suggest? Thanks!
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    Pressure treated wood vs concrete paver question.

    What would be better to support my AGP (22x12x4) Bestway. Pressure treated wood or concrete pavers? i know that for the pavers they need to be at least 4 inch thick and have to be digged in the ground. will pressure treated wood 2 inch thick would be good enough? does pressure treated wood...
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    Extension cord for 110-120V and 3.2 A recommendations

    The length is approximately 50 to 75 feet.
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    Extension cord for 110-120V and 3.2 A recommendations

    I purchase the Bestway 22x12x4 Costco pool. I will be moving to a new home next year, so an extension cord is the best option for now. My question is: the pump has that information (110-120V, 3.2 A). Which extension cord would be best for this requirement? A 10 gauge or 12 gauge? Is...
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    Heavy duty GFI outdoor rated extension cord Recommendation

    I understand this is not recommended, but I am moving from this house in a few months and taking the pool with me so don’t want to invest much. what recommendations you guys have for a great extension cord? 75-100 feet. My Olán is just to run the pump at night time. General advice and...
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    Would this foam board work?

    What would be the biggest differences between eso and XPS? Why one is better than the other?
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    Would this foam board work?

    What is XPS sorry?
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    Would this foam board work?

    Would this foam board work for my AGP? I am putting a 22x12x4. i am not putting any sand because the manufacturer does not recommended it. my ground is leveled. Apart from this foam board, what else would you guys recommend as padding? Thanks!
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    Padding/Foam Recommendations

    Hi everyone- i need some recommendation on which foam/padding you guys would recommend for my AGP (Costco Bestway 22x12x4). I will likely be purchasing this at Lowe’s and was wondering what would be the best thickness and brand. Also, which brand tape would you use to tape it. I am not...
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    Costco above ground pool set up question. (First timer)

    Any other info? thanks for the reply. ZEA3 A question here. My closest wall outlet is like 40 feet away, what would be the best approach to use before I can get an outlet installed close? 1- Disconnect the extension cord from the pump while we are swimming? 2- What extension cord would be...
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    Costco above ground pool set up question. (First timer)

    Hi everyone- i am a first timer planning the installation/set up of an above the ground pool (Costco) Bestway. It’s the 22’ x 12’ x 4’. my ground is going to get leveled this coming week, but I have some questions that I hope you guys can help me with: 1-Once my ground is leveled; do I need...