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    Dark Brown Stains

    I'm trying to help my brother convert his pool from a nasty eyesore back to the backyard oasis it once was. Unfortunately, it has suffered from years of "accumulated neglect." I'm taking him through the SLAM process now to turn it from a pond back to a pool, but that's a different story. I...
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    Advice on replacing main drains and sumps?

    I asked this question in my introductory post but it didn't get many views. I thought I'd try again. I plan to replace my 12 year-old liner this summer (still good, but badly faded). I've replaced liners before, so no worries there. However, I have 2 pairs of main drains in my hopper piped...
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    Long-time pool owner, new member

    Hi everyone--great site! Although I've owned a self-maintained pool for many years, I have picked up a lot of great tips here. Now I'd like to ask some advice. I have a 12 year-old free-form vinyl liner pool that is in great shape. I'm planning to replace the liner only because it's faded. I...