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    Featured Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Haven't heard of Blue Mountain before, but I trust the judgment of anyone pouring into a Fieldwork glass.
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    New Fiberglass install in Clarksville TN (Dig started Nov 16, 2020)

    I know the feeling. Based on advice from this site we made the decision to add 200 sq. ft. of deck the day the deck was being poured. One of the best on the fly decisions we made. TFP is an awesome place.
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    New Build SEPA

    Thanks B. Taking my builder's lead on this for warranty purposes, but I'll ask if this is something they'll do. Pool isn't very accessible at the moment.
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    New Build SEPA

    Their solution was to fill in/pack the area around the light with hydraulic cement. Hopefully that's an adequate solution, but I'm more concerned with the root of the issue which is the ground water being that high around the pool. Makes me nervous thinking about the pool just sitting their...
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    New Build SEPA

    We got an unusual amount of rain, so groundwater was really high. The pool has hydrostatic relief valves which I thought are supposed help with any issues high ground water might cause. Should I be concerned with our plan to not plaster until Spring leaving the shell empty like this over Winter?
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    New Build SEPA

    Here's the video of water coming in. Would really appreciate any feedback anyone can provide on whether this is a problem or not. I sent the video to my builder as well and am waiting on a reply but wanted to get some unbiased opinions here as well
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    New Build SEPA

    We received a good amount of rain today, and I noticed a steady stream of water getting in from around the tanning ledge light. We're not plastering until Spring, and I realize it's the plaster that will waterproof the shell...but is there any cause for concern in the meantime with what I'm...
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    Pool Build Finally Started - Bryan, TX (11/4/20)

    My builder left a box of leftover waterline tiles and 8 coping pavers for me to keep on hand as spares. Not sure I'll ever need them, hopefully not anyway, but they said I paid for them so might as well keep them. I have a simple design without any water features, so can't weigh in on your...
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    Pentair IntelliChlor IC40 Fire / Burning

    I get that mentality to an extent when it pertains to inexpensive "consumable" components (not lights); however, in this specific case you would hope that any reputable manufacturer would want the parts back for teardown to determine root cause. The risk of a catastrophic failure here was high...
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    New Build in PA

    Love the coping. If I ever built a pool that's what I'd use.
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    New Build in Southern California

    What an awesome pool. Can't wait to see the finished product. What part of SoCal? I grew up out there in the Mojave desert.
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    New Build in PA

    Fortes fortuna juvat. Good call. Looks great!
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    New Build SEPA

    They didn't do any of that, but there really wasn't any mess when they were done either.
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    New Build SEPA

    No, but there really wasn't anything directly near the pool that was a concern. My equipment is 40' away on the side of the house. Good luck on gunite! Post some pictures. I'm not sure. My PM gave me a quick rundown of what to expect over the winter, but to be honest I don't remember much and...
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    Is this rust?

    No, I think they just laid stone down and poured.