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    Having trouble finding CYA, suggestions? (do NOT want to buy from Leslies)

    Looks like the Puri tech 25lbs bags are out of stock on Ebay. I was able to find the RX stuff for $65/25 lbs so I ordered that. Will let everyone know how it is when it arrives.
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    Plant in middle of pool, yes please?

    So I found this really weird pool while browsing for homes on Zillow. Why would you even want a plant in the middle of your pool like that? Also, who thought of that? So many questions. What do you think?
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    Glass testing vial/tube/beaker for Speedstir

    typically glass is advised against near the pool so you might have a difficult time finding a glass one. However the ones made by Taylor fit well and don't have black lines that disappear. The Taylor vials have the markings etched into them; I'd recommend checking out those.
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    DE filter questions

    Hello TFP! I cleaned my DE filter today and noticed one of the new grids I replaced about a year and a half ago has a pretty big stain on it. Other than the stain the grid seems fine. Is this stain something I should be worried about? Thanks!
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    DE filter questions

    I opened the filter today and found a pretty big rip in one of the grids. Looks like about a year and half ago I replaced 3 of the normal sized grids and they still look fine. I'm going to replace the rest of the grids.
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    DE filter questions

    There is no label on the outside. I assume the label is wore off. I replaced 2 grids about a year and a half ago.
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    DE filter questions

    Looking at the filter more and I think you might be right. My filter looks more like this one: Hayward Micro Clear D.E. Parts - rather than the pentair one.
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    DE filter questions

    Hello TFP! Recently I noticed a lot of dirt on the bottom of my pool. We've had some monsoons recently so I figured it was just extra dirty from that. I got out the manual vacuum and started vacuuming. While vacuuming I noticed debris coming out of the returns, It looks like almost anything...
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