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    Plaster dust or bad plaster job?

    Your plaster looks completely normal to me. Congrats on the pool!
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    Thoughts on type of Fish Tape for 90ft run

    The grocery sack & string > string & mule tape > mule tape > cable/wire is how electricians do it and how I do it (if i don't have the original line). You will want a wet vac. And you want to seal the end of your vac hose to the conduit as tightly as possible at the jbox. I have a smaller...
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    Leak we can’t locate the cause of

    I'm suspicious of a pinhole leak or small crack the undergound plumbing. You have some fairly large boulders in direct contact with your pvc in this photo. A good PB will backfill this with imported sand. It reduces voids, plus nicks and localized stresses when the ground shifts and settles.
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    algae help. can't seem to make progress

    Short answer is yes. It can technically scratch the material. In the real world, it's hard to notice. I wouldn't lose sleep over an occasional, justified stab with a metal brush. But I would not recommend regular brushing with the metal bristles.
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    How do you level a concrete pool deck that's being pushed higher than the coping?

    It's probably encapsulated enough that it's monolithic with the shotcrete. I'd wager the the collar is detaching, or an extension was used and it's bonded better to the concrete deck than the travertine coping.
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    OmniLogic Schedule not Working

    You have a conflict. You're telling the system you want the spa AND the pool on from 3-9PM. Your pool schedule needs to begin at 9AM and end at 3PM, to provide an opening for the spa schedule. I also habitually offset them by 1 minute to eliminate panel hiccups. In other words, your pool...
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    Pentair GloBrite stuck in the niche

    You should be able to get the light to at least release from the niche lock and "jiggle" in place, even without slack. Are you saying not even this has been possible?
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    Pentair Intelliflow3 011075

    Congrats on the gamble. Looks like every other IF3 I've unpacked. Check that the serial # on the pump and box match, and go register on the Pentair site. It'll tell you if it's been previously registered and was a warranty swap or some other funny business. Pentair is really, really good about...
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    Pentair GloBrite stuck in the niche

    There is no extra cable coiled behind the globrite. The niche doesn't allow for it. The electrician/PB should have left slack in the junction box, but I've literally never seen it done properly. We do this though, when we replace them. Unless you've released the wire in the jbox (and tied a...
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    algae help. can't seem to make progress

    Maybe it's my phone or tired eyes, but I'm not seeing algae. I've seen organic stains in fiberglass pools similar to this, but yours appear more like metal staining. Ecofinish is virtually impregnable to black algae and green algae doesn't "spot" as often as it "coats". You said you had a...
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    Liquid chlorine color

    We burn through over $8,000 of LC a month on our routes and the color varies among pallets from the same supplier. if you're concerned, as proavia suggested, you should test it. Try and get a comparible concentration from a retail store (10% or 12.5%) and dilute it in cup and test it in...
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    Best Place to Buy a Pentair Mastertemp Igniter

    Prepare to buy 3 if you are after one listed at $50. You want the OEM ignitor if you want your dollars to get you farther. HSIs are made of delicate materials and they crack prematurely if they're cheap. Sta Rite is the manufacturer you want. It's going to be near $100 for the real deal.
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    Anyone recognize this Pentair pool light assembly?

    That's a Pentair Colorwheel. The socket is two pins/prongs. Search M16 if you want to replace.
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    Liquid Chlorine

    Big box hardware stores also usually carry them; Lowes, Home Depot, Ace etc. Have you tried those?
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    IntelliCenter LITE Installation

    It's a bit silly because though they are smaller, they still feature a lot of empty space. The ET Lite and IC Lite use the same cabinet. It's the same width and depth as the full ET/IC, but is 6" shorter in length.