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    Slight shock on reno pricing

    I was requesting a plain white plaster, most did not want to bother or the bid was to high. I am fine without pavers Geebot can you pm the company you used. For now we will use it as is, its not leaking, it just looks bad.
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    1 day old SWG install ??????

    Shouldn't there be a check valve before the heater/cooler exit or is that blue arrow a check valve
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    Plumbing redo before/after

    Looks nice and neat from here
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    What's your current pool temp?

    54 today, but pool is open, hoping to swim by /if not before Memorial Day (with heater)
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    Mesh cover- on or off for thaw?

    I kept mine on till the ice was gone, which was still about two weeks (first of April) before I opened it Mine is dark green, and when checking it, I could feel heat inside during the day. I think next year I will take it off earlier, if I get leaves, ect, it should be easy to get them off the...
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    How much should I be micromanaging my FC level and SWCG?

    Slight highjack, if your cover is 4-6 inches from the sides, do you still need to remove to allow cc's to burn off. Last year was first year with my pool, I was checking everyday, sometimes twice a day. As the season went on, I was keeping FC higher, and checking only once or twice per week...
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    New Tristar vs pump leaking

    I anchored the plastic base to my concrete pad, then the pump to the base. There is no vibration when running, no weird sounds, and have not noticed any cavitation issues. Using skimmer socks, so not a whole lot of debris are getting to the pump I was able to turn them about a 3/4 turn, so...
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    New Tristar vs pump leaking

    Fired up the new pump today, and there is a small/tiny leak at the bottom were the motor bolts into the pump/strainer housing. I am assuming I need to take it apart and check the ring/seal (part number 14). I have already snugged up all the connecting bolts Pump was bought late last fall, self...
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    How to make patio door meet self closing, self latching requirement?

    Is it a storm type door or reg type door ? Have you looked into a self closing hinge
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    What's your current pool temp?

    did not bother checking, snowing right now, with 2-4 inches expected. 50's + next week
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    Pool vacuum head recommendation

    I have one that I use on occasion, it has brushes only, and I wished it had some rollers/wheels also
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    Any tips or tricks in pulling old wire out of long run of buried conduit?

    We get wire stuck in conduit thats buried in concrete quite often. We pour boiling/soapy water into the conduit, and then blow air into the pipe. Keep adding till it comes out other end. 90% of the time this works for us. The last wire we tape #12 stranded to it. The #12 then gets a piece of...
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    Pollen Bombs go BOOM

    From what I have read on TFP, You can swim as long as your FC is at SLAM level or under
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    Cannot Find Junction Box

    My low voltage wiring was pulled in the same conduit as my GFI outlet by the pool, and went to the light from there. Not code here, so I have disbanded my lighting
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    Measuring DE

    I have seen posters asking about scoop sizes, coffee cans, ect when measuring DE. I thought when recharging my DE filter I would measure it in different weights. The bucket is from a big box store, scale is from my brother and used to measure refrigerant, scale was zeroed out after adding...