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    Hairnets - Which ones?

    I use these
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    Intermatic or other surge protector

    I cannot speak for the one your asking about, but I have this Intermatic whole house protector Never a problem with it...
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    Oversizing a new SWG system

    I have the same swg... been sitting in the box since late May. Hope to get it installed before end of Aug. Glad to hear the post that it works fine
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    Clorox temporarily?

    I have had to use it in a pinch, and for the small amount I used did not have a problem (half/3.4 gallon)
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    HTH PODS Stabilizer

    I put mine (4 pods) in a bucket with pool water, dissolved fairly quick, then poured slowly in front of return in deep in of pool.
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    Am I safe to swim?

    with the amount of chlorine added that would put my 35,000 gal pool at or close to slam levels. Really need to get a good/recommended test kit
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    Proper water level in pump

    I have the same pump. At lower speeds a few small bubbles, and the water in the basket is always right below/at the inlet at lower speeds. Anything over 2000 rpms the water is near the top and bubbles go away
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    CYA remaining 0 after additions

    Rain will not effect cya, unless your having to drain off your pool alot. Sounds like you need to test for ammonia. Google search results Bumping for the more knowledgeable
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    Pump not priming

    Johns method did not work, but I got it primed. I had to plug both skimmers (they are tied together) and from the pump side filled the pipe with water from a hose. Turned pump on and it primed instantly. Running like a champ, no air bubbles, flow is fine. This has to be the hardest I have ever...
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    Pump not priming

    No recicurate mode, have tried one skimmer. Will try shutting of supplys, fill with water and get an extra hand turning on pump/opening valve. Impeller is clear Thanks will report back after i try again
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    Pump not priming

    Been here long enough to search threads, ect. but cannot find anything new to try. I had to blow out my skimmer lines due to I plugged the one closest to the pump when vacuuming thru skimmer. 99% sure line was cleared. Now I cannot get my pump to prime. Have tried the following.... Re-lubed...
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    Fixing a leaky outlet from a DE Filter

    I incorrectly did lube the threads on the union and I'm hoping I can get it off now once I drain the filter It shouldn't hurt anything if its not all removed Is my assumption correct that the bulkhead should just screw out of the pipe inside the filter after I remove the bulkhead coupling? I...
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    SOS - White-foamed due to use of HDX Germicidal Bleach

    I have used the same brand for 2 years never a problem, till.... I added some Monday am, and by evening I had foam. The only difference in the bottles that I can tell, there is a purple mop bucket on the front of the bottle. EDIT......went to get a closer look this am, it is not foam but...
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Ran the 1 inch gas line for the new pool heater and fired her up. Water temp now at 79
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    What's your current pool temp?

    72 here, with a solar cover on. Getting the new heater up and running today