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    Trying to identify Cal Hypo tablet

    That is correct. I only used them by themselves in a skimmer basket. Can’t believe I was told they were CH sticks. The way no residue was left behind I should have known.
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    Trying to identify Cal Hypo tablet

    That looks like them. Thank you for the clarification.
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    Trying to identify Cal Hypo tablet

    Thank you. I will do just that. Do you know who makes the big cylinder shaped marshmallow looking chlorine tablets?
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    Trying to identify Cal Hypo tablet

    I was given some Cal Hypo tablets by a friend a few months back. With the seasons changing and Trichlor tabs getting harder and harder to find and the price skyrocketing, I’m going to use some Cal Hypo tabs in my skimmer basket sparingly over the winter. The ones I was given looked like an...
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    Pool is crystal clear, but sky high FC (22) and CYA (off the charts), and zero CC

    What is your normal method of chlorinating/maintaining/balancing your pool water?
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    Cloudy water when adding liquid chloring

    I've never ever experienced this. I'm curious also as to what type of liquid chlorinating agent you are using.
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    Chlorine Feeder

    When I moved away from tabs after 2 years, my CYA was 120, maybe higher. If you decide to use them as a way to keep your pH from rising and the CYA stable in your pool, you MUST keep an eagle eye on it and do not fill your inline chlorinator with more than 3-4 tabs. I find that 10% pool...
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    Recent CPO class/ pool maintenace debacle/Clorox now 6.0% sodium hypo

    I added 4 lbs of stabilizer in late March/early April when it was beginning to warm up. I had my CYA level up to around 60. I tested today at less than 40, really closer to 30. I like to keep my pool's CYA level around 60-70 with the extreme heat, intense 12+ hrs UV exposure, lots of rain...
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    Recent CPO class/ pool maintenace debacle/Clorox now 6.0% sodium hypo

    I have read on more than one post on here that intense sun and UV exposure like we have here in south Louisiana "may" cause CYA to degrade/oxidize
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    Preparing for deep clean Pentair Tagelus, nervous and skeptical

    I really want to give my sand filter a deep cleaning. I know I am going to have to make 3 cuts and install 3 union fittings. This is a Pentair Tagelus 325lb sand filter. Is it the bottom gasket that holds the filter multi valve on?
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