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    NO FLOW always on

    Great thread, thanks for the info. I had no flow, pushed the little white button for 5-10 seconds and now I have flow so we'll see in a few hours if we have chlorine production.
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    gap between coping and tiles. coping cracks

    I used Deck O Seal, easy to install
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    Pool Heating Temp on Jandy PDA Reads -95F

    I had to clear the memory in the Jandy PDA and that reset everything.
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    Pool Heating Temp on Jandy PDA Reads -95F

    I went in to heat my pool today and the heating temp setpoint read -95F on my Jandy PDA, I cannot change it, does any know how to reset it. I am not sure if its coming from the PDA or the heater...
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    Outdoor ceiling fan

    I bought a Hampton Bay Altura 60" fan and it works great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    White Powdery Substance

    I had my pool closed on 10/31 and today I opened the cover just to see what's going on in there and I noticed a white powdery substance on the bottom of the hot tub and some in the pool as well. The water is very cold as we're having a really cold winter so far (although it was 60F today and its...
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    Is it closing time?? (for you upper midwest folks)

    I hear ya, even in SE PA its been very cool this summer, not to mention more rain then I have ever seen, just yesterday we had 4.5" of rain in 2 hours! The pool was full to the brim.
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    Hello and first Question (Fence)

    You need to check your local building code or you can call a fence company and ask them, they'll know what meets code and what does not.
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    Under Construction - Absolute DISASTER. Advice appreciated!

    Re: Under Construction - Absolute DISASTER. Advice apprecia I agree the deck has to come up and be properly backfilled to get this done right.
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    Under Construction in PA

    It was like another $5k
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    Under Construction in PA

    I happy we went with gunite, we went with a quartz finish, did not want to spend the extra for Pebble.
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    Under Construction in PA

    Major pic update, Phase II of pool construction almost complete: The pool has been worth every penny, we've used it almost daily!
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    Evaporation or leaking? - Large Water Loss

    I doubt it, my pool is 93F with close to 100F outside and I'm evaporating maybe 1/8" per day
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    PVC towel racks

    My wife saw this one online for $230 so I decided to buy the furniture grade PVC and build my own, saved over $100!!!
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    Southeast PA build

    How's the pool doing, mine was at 93F yesterday, almost too warm to swim, but when its 100F out somewhat refreshing!